Daily Archive for February 20th, 2010

New Stuff This Week

Puzzeled Panther Tract

Puzzeled Panther Tract FOAD $1.00


Temporary Conversations: Peggy Diggs $3.00

Original Gangsta #3 That is Wack 2009 $2.00 – Life is hard – seek solice in zines.

Plastic Knife #4 $2.00 – Plastic Knife provocatively pairs its rapid fire off-the-cuff short prose with full-color road trip photos of construction workers holding “SLOW” and “STOP” signs. Smart and funny. Plus you get a free plastic knife in the deal.

Halloween Zine 2009 Trick or Treat $.50

As Boredom Sets In # 1 Jan Feb 10 by Rose, Runo and Winkestein. $2.00 – Oi Oi Oi! This is a punk zine in the classic sense – in the rice n beans, hardcore tape trade, free house show, cover your friend’s yard with dumpstered donuts sense. Classick!

Politics Is Not a Banana/Journal of Vulgar Discourse: What Are You Doing After the Orgy Or the Insurrection Or Whatever by the Institute For Experimental Freedom $10.00 – Beleagured by Capitalism but not sure how to throw off your chains? This little pink book both satisfies your Situationist cravings and feeds your urge to indulge in some Sex Cult-ural critique. Take this as a call to action for those who want more Sleaze in their Theory, or, goddess forbid, more Theory in their Sleaze.

Comics/Comix/Mini-Comix/Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks/Sequential Art With Words and Pictures/Whatver You Want to Call It, You Wanna Fight?

Kick Ass HC by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr $24.99 – Cause if you wanna argue about it, this book will Kick your Ass.

Ignition City vol 1 TPB by Warren Ellis and Giancula Pagliarani (Avatar) $19.99

Almost Silent HC by Jason (Fantagraphics) $24.99

High Maintenance Machine #26 Win 10 by Matthew Reidsma $3.00

Music Books

Just Kids by Patti Smith (Ecco) $27.00 – Patti Smith’s memoir of her relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe, a document of the halcyon days for art and artists in New York in the late sixties and early seventies.

Sexy Sexy

OP Original Plumbing #2 Trans Male Quarterly “The Hair Issue” $8.00 – Putting the “Hir” back in “Hirsute”, this issue features the dreamy bohemian longhair Chris Vargas, Brooklyn-based barber Khane, Canadian bear Ayden and an interview with – get this- trannychaser Margret Cho! We like this place. Kisses.

For Lonely Adults Only #6 Win 10 by Regis Trigano $6.50 – Oh, solo homo. This issue is a photo diary of dressing and undressing, although our favorite section is the one where some boners get drawn on the wall.

Glossy Maggies

Pop Magazine #22 Spr Sum 10 $14.99

Dazed & Confused #82 Feb 10 $9.95

Time Out Chicago #260 Feb 18 10 $2.99

Wallpaper Mar 10 $9.50

Love Contemporary #1 $9.00

Inked Mar 10 $6.99

Paper spring 10 $4.00

Juxtapoz #110 Mar 10 $5.99

Lit Mags

Logan Square Literary Review #2 Win 10 $5.00

Rejected Quarterly #20 Sum Fall 09 $7.50

The Point Point #2 Win 10 $12.00

Poetry/Chap Books

Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater 1945 to 1985, ed. by Kevin Killian and David Brazil $25.95

Clops by Devin King and Brian McNearney (Green Lantern Press) $10.00

Effigy #5 by Matt Whispers $3.00

Politics & Revolution Books and Rags

Venezuela Speaks Voices from the Grassroots by Carlos Marinez and Various (PM Press) $22.95

Demanding the Impossible A History of Anarchismby Peter Marshall (PM Press) $28.95

Fifth Estate vol 45 # 1 #382 Spr 10 $4.00

Maniacs of Miscreants & Mayhem

Best of All Flesh Zombie Anthology by James Lowder (Elder Sign Press) $14.95

Assorted Other Unclaissifiables

Jesse Thomas Kimo Knowles CD $8.00