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Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz Reads From Everything is Everything

Mar ’10
7:00 pm
Everything Is Everything

Everything Is Everything

In a recent interior with lit blog Orange Alert, poet Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz describes her latest book, Everything is Everything, as “an odd, tender, spastic, claustrophobic and bizarre-fact-riddled book that is trying to appreciate the journey instead of obsessing about the destination.” But she was also sure to add that “the book also contains a bizarre amount of poems about giraffes who have been trained to rape humans. But only because they really existed, and not because I’m a crazy sadist.”

“Sometimes you plod through the day, bumping into people, tripping over your own feet. But then there are those remarkable days when you move through the world as stealthily as ninja. The latter is how the poems move in this book. Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz spits in her hands, grabs the sledgehammer, swings it hard, and rings that bell in poem after poem after poem. Everything is Everything is a winning collection chock full of swift, honest, smart, funny, and even tender poems that go up to 11.” – Jennifer Knox, author of Drunk by Noon

Everything is Everything is Aptowicz’s first poetry collection to be published after her acclaimed non-fiction book, Words In Your Face: Words In Your Face: A Guided Tour Through Twenty Years of the New York City Poetry Slam (Soft Skull Press, 2008). Cristin will be joined by several poets from the local Chicago Poetry Slam community, as well as her partner – poet and former surly Quimbys employee – Shappy Seasholtz, who will read from his most recent chapbook, This is All I Can Offer You.

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New Stuff This Week

Angry Violist #2

Angry Violist #2


Angry Violist #2 Adventures in Alternative String Playing by the Angry Violinist $3.00 – Thee premiere mini-zine talking about experimental, radical, and punk approaches to playing classy stringed instruments!

Your Secret Face by Erin Marie Gigi $10.00 – This drawing portfolio has some jazzy colored pencil work and includes a paper glory hole.

New York City Photographs From the Empire by Matt Handy $6.00

All Things Ordinary #1 by Derek Neuland $2.00

shortandqueer #11 The Best Thing That Happened Today Was May Dec 08, shortandqueer #12 Menstruation Not Punctuation Periods by Kelly Shortandqueer, both $1.00 each

Foto Zine vol 3 #5 Accidents by Erik van der Weijde $5.50

I Have A Song For You, Stories by Bucket Siler $3.00 – Matter-of-fact letters and soy-milky stories about living. From the author of Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions.

Ruthless Zine #2 Noodz $7.00 – A shock and awe zine of vile and illicit photography.

Overtime Hour 11 In Service of Man by Terese Pampellonne $2.00 – From the makers of The First Line. Stories of work.

Young is Dumb #3 by Wesley Stokes $5.00 – Collaged Workout Crotch. “Just in time for Valentine’s Day.”


Adventures of Apple and Banana $3.00 – Silly!

Entropy Part Four by Aaron Costain $4.00

Cheetahs Never Win #3 by Steve Reeder $5.00

Mods vs Rockers #2: Street Fighting Man $3.00

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #8 $3.99

Inner You Tube by Matt Thurber $1.00 – You would think it’s just a witty title, but the comic is actually about the “Inner YouTube”. Sorta.

Misseen by Sarah Welch and James Beard $15.00

Adventures of My Life: Summer 2009 Autobiographic by Adam Matthew Roob $4.00

Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks

Newave The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s HC, ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Dirty Dishes (Petite Livre Series) by Amy Lockhart (D+Q) $14.95

World War Robot HC by Ashley Wood and TP Louise (IDW) $29.99

Afrodisiac by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca (Adhouse) $14.95

Thirteen Going on Eighteen by John Stanley (D+Q) $24.95

Chocolate Cheeks: A Yikes Book of Comics by Steven Weissman (Fantagraphics) $16.99


Fortean Times #257 Feb 10 $11.99

Wire Jan 10 #311 $10.99

Bizarre #158 Jan 10 $10.50

Meatpaper #10 Win 09 10 $7.95

Wax Poetics #39 $9.99

Razorcake #54 $4.00

Lit Journals and Chap Books

Allison Writes Jeff Draws Uncorking Paw Paw by Allison Staulcup and Jeff Kinney $1.00

Explorers Are We by Xavier Mold $1.00


Boy Who Couldnt Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson (Vintage) $14.00 – Coming -of-age buddy story for the comics geek and self-publishers. Hilarious!

Muckraking, Memoirs and Misc

Chicago Haunts 3 Locked Up Stories From an October City by Ursula Bielski $15.95

Sexually I’m More of a Switzerland by David Rose, the editor of They Call Me Naughty Lola (Scribner) $16.00

Shocking True Story The Rise and Fall of Confidential Americas Most Scandalous: Scandal Magazine Tells Facts, Names by Henry E. Scott (Pantheon) $26.00

Ivan Brunetti Poster Featuring Schizo #4 Panel $25.00

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-29

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