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Canada’s Illegal Ad Vigilante Rami Tabello With Anne Elizabeth Moore at Quimby’s 11/12

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

“We fight illegal advertising using the rule of law,” Rami Tabello says when asked to describe the Toronto organization he founded to fight criminal billboards, Illegal Signs. It’s funded through donations and Tabello’s gambling take—a crazy support system for a group that spends a lot of time scrutinizing city bylaws and calling in complaints to the proper authorities. Tabello’s been called both “a fearless advocate for public space” and “annoying” by Toronto city residents and elected officials. He’ll present his work fighting—and beating—corporate criminals at Quimby’s in Chicago, a city with a massive illegal advertising problem of its own.

Tabello is presented by Chicago author Anne Elizabeth Moore on the occasion of the re-release of the underground hit The Manifesti of Radical Literature (MRL). Out of print for over a year, MRL is an anarchist style guide for cultural producers, with chapters on such foundational political acts as throwing away one’s dictionary, creating one’s own system of punctuation, and refusing to abide by the language imposed upon us by corporate entities. Also, it is funny and of a pleasing form and light heft, perfect for spiriting away in one’s back pocket for an evening of street stenciling or shopdropping. The expanded second edition, features a new Introduction and Afterword­ and improved jokes. Moore’s Unmarketable received favorable reviews in Forbes, the LA Times, Advertising Age, and the Guardian, and was called “an anti-corporate manifesto with a difference” by Mother Jones and “sharp and valuable muckraking” by Time Out New York.

Come hear about the work of Illegal Signs, pick up a copy of MRL, and meet Tabello and Moore at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 12.

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Pressing Concern

Previous edition of Manifesti

Josh MacPhee Reads From Celebrate People’s History 11/11

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

Since 1998, Josh MacPhee has commissioned and produced over one hundred posters by over eighty artists that pay tribute to revolution, racial justice, women’s rights, queer liberation, labor struggles, and creative activism and organizing. Celebrate People’s History! presents these essential moments—acts of resistance and great events in an often hidden history of human and civil rights struggles—as a visual tour through decades and across continents, from the perspective of some of the most interesting and socially engaged artists working today.

Josh MacPhee, artist and activist, is the founder of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, an organization that promotes radical art forms. He is the author of Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil (2004) and co-edited Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority (2007) and Reproduce and Revolt (2008). MacPhee is also the curator of the printmaking exhibition Paper Politics, which has been on tour in the United States since 2004.

Featured Artists in the book who will be at the event, the list is growing!:

John Jennings

Marc Nelson

Damon Locks is a visual artist and a musician here in Chicago. He performs in both The Eternals and The Exploding Star Orchestra. Always up for a good conversation, he was happy to participate in the Celebrate Peoples History book event at Quimby’s.

André Pérez, Founder of the Transgender Oral History Project, developer of educational materials about trans issues, and organizer with GenderQueer Chicago.

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‘Za the Pizza Zine Release and Pizza Party at Quimby’s 11/10

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

As spicy and sassy as a stick of pepperoni,Za the Pizza Zine is a compilation about, what else, the wonders of pizza. Still, it’s about more than simply reveling in pepperoni prose for creator Nicki Yowell and her baker’s dozen of bi-coastal contributors. The Chicagoans are plenty and include Ramsey Everydaypants of List, Eric Bartholomew of Junk Drawer, gore poet Mason Pierce and Dining with Words’ Caroline Liebman. ‘Za combines fiction, essays, comics, illustration and photography to create an all-out snack time explosion. Come for the reading of eloquent odes to ‘za and stay for the pizza party, featuring actual pizza.

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THE EXQUISITE BOOK Authors and Contributors at Quimby’s on 11/5!

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

EXQUISITE CORPSE [also known as exquisite cadaver or rotating corpse] is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds a composition in sequence…



100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game

By Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski, and Matt Lamothe

THE EXQUISITE BOOK reinvents the classic surrealist drawing game The Exquisite Corpse for a new artistic generation. In these pages, one-hundred of today’s hottest indie artists each adorn a single page with brand new work, having only seen the page of the artist immediately prior. Each of the book’s ten chapters resides on a ten-page according fold-out that lets you enjoy the artwork in an interconnected stream, as it was originally created by the artists themselves. It includes work from contemporary illustrators, indie artists, and cutting-edge creates such as David Shrigley, Jill Bliss, Jordan Crane and more.

About the Authors: Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski, and Matt Lamothe are partners in Also Design, a design firm based out of Chicago and New York that has won several awards, including the ADC Young Guns award. Julia is author of the popular blog, which showcases the design and layout of obscure books.

So far the artists who will be in attendance at this event will be the authors, Anders Nilsen, Lillie Carre, Paul Hornschemeier, Isaac Tobin, Lauren Nassef and Susie Ghahremani.


Charles Burns Discusses X’ed Out At Quimby’s on 11/3!

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

From Charles Burns, the creator of Black Hole, comes X’ED OUT, the first volume of an epic masterpiece of graphic fiction in brilliant color.

Doug is having a strange night. A weird buzzing noise on the other side of the wall has woken him up, and there, across the room, next to a huge hole torn out of the bricks, sits his beloved cat, Inky. Who died years ago. But who’s nonetheless slinking out through the hole, beckoning Doug to follow. What’s going on? To say any more would spoil the freaky, Burnsian fun, especially because X’ED OUT, unlike Black Hole, has not been previously serialized, and every unnervingly meticulous panel will be more tantalizing than the last. Drawing inspiration from such diverse influences as Hergé and William Burroughs, Charles Burns has given us a dazzling spectral fever-dream—and a comic-book masterpiece.

Charles Burns grew up in Seattle in the 1970s. His work rose to prominence in Art Spiegelman’s Raw magazine in the mid-1980s and took off from there, with an extraordinary range of comics and projects, from Iggy Pop album covers to the latest ad campaign for Altoids. In 1992, he designed the set for Mark Morris’s delightful restaging of The Nutcracker (renamed The Hard Nut) at BAM. He has illustrated covers for Time, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine. He was also tapped as the official cover artist for The Believer magazine at its inception in 2003.

“A haunting first chapter in what promises to be a spellbinder…Masterful…it will leave you begging for the rest of the story.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Like an apocalyptic hallucination…the visionary artistry of Burns exists beyond the bounds of time and constraints of conventional narrative.” –Kirkus starred review

“Long awaited first chapter in what promises to be a trippy, wildly experimental and typically disquieting epic.” –

“Anything by comics master Burns is a big event and this is no exception.”—Comics Beat

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