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Gay Genius!

Hungry for more awesome queer comics in the world?
Yeah, me too- and it just so happens that Sparkplug Comics and Annie Murphy are putting together a thrizzling new anthology called Gay Genius. Featuring work by known homosexuals like Silky Shoemaker, Kubby Bear, Ellery Russian, Mat Defiler, Elisha Lim, Sailor Holladay, Annie Murphy, Clio Reese Sady, Sarah Sass Biscarra, Adee Roberson, Matt Runkle, Lee Relvas, Royal Newbold, Jackie Davis, and, uh, me. It’s going to be luscious – full color, over 120 pages, jam-packed, and hella, hella GAY, girl. To help birth it, it’s up on Kickstarter. They’ve got 25 days to raise a little over $1000 so I’m sure you know what to do now: help a homo out!

Canada’s Illegal Ad Vigilante Rami Tabello With Anne Elizabeth Moore at Quimby’s 11/12

Nov ’10
7:00 pm

“We fight illegal advertising using the rule of law,” Rami Tabello says when asked to describe the Toronto organization he founded to fight criminal billboards, Illegal Signs. It’s funded through donations and Tabello’s gambling take—a crazy support system for a group that spends a lot of time scrutinizing city bylaws and calling in complaints to the proper authorities. Tabello’s been called both “a fearless advocate for public space” and “annoying” by Toronto city residents and elected officials. He’ll present his work fighting—and beating—corporate criminals at Quimby’s in Chicago, a city with a massive illegal advertising problem of its own.

Tabello is presented by Chicago author Anne Elizabeth Moore on the occasion of the re-release of the underground hit The Manifesti of Radical Literature (MRL). Out of print for over a year, MRL is an anarchist style guide for cultural producers, with chapters on such foundational political acts as throwing away one’s dictionary, creating one’s own system of punctuation, and refusing to abide by the language imposed upon us by corporate entities. Also, it is funny and of a pleasing form and light heft, perfect for spiriting away in one’s back pocket for an evening of street stenciling or shopdropping. The expanded second edition, features a new Introduction and Afterword­ and improved jokes. Moore’s Unmarketable received favorable reviews in Forbes, the LA Times, Advertising Age, and the Guardian, and was called “an anti-corporate manifesto with a difference” by Mother Jones and “sharp and valuable muckraking” by Time Out New York.

Come hear about the work of Illegal Signs, pick up a copy of MRL, and meet Tabello and Moore at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 12.

For more info:


Pressing Concern

Previous edition of Manifesti

Weekly Top 10

1. Girls To the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus (Harper) $14.99 – The first history of Riot Grrrl tells the story of a group of extraordinary young women coming of age and coming into their own.
2. Xed Out HC by Charles Burns (Pantheon) $19.95 – Ever wonder what would happen if Charles Burns took over drawing TinTin? Today’s your lucky day, punk. You like eggs, don’t you?
Don’t miss Charles Burns at Quimby’s on 11/3!

3. Maximumrocknroll #330 Part Two Nov 10 $4.00
4. What Was The Hipster?: A Sociological Investigation, N+1 Small Books Series #3 by the editors of N+1 $10.00 – Chapters including “On Douchebags” and “Williamsburg Year Zero.” Yes, for real.
5. Bitch #48 $5.95
6. The Instructions HC by Adam Levin (McSweeneys) $29.00 – Written by a charismatic local writer and a Quimby’s frequent shopper, telling the story of a junior high kid who may or may not be the new messiah.
7. Henry and Glenn Forever by Igloo Tornado (Microcosm) $6.00 – The gay love of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig? I’d get in that van.-EF
8. Or Let It Sink #4 Halloweened/Dear Jaguar #3 Selected Errors Split Zine by Jim and Vicky $2.00 – A Halloween Special Split. Better than the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
9. Super Maxi Pad Girl #1 by Daniel Olson and AJ Niehaus $4.00
10. All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John (Chronicle) $9.95

New Stuff This Week

2011 Slingshot planners are in and a new Charles Burns book! More info below!

Three Zine by Anand Vedawala $5.00 for #1 and $15.00 for #2
I Just Dont Know What to Do With Myself A Series of Rants by Mia Beatrice $1.00
Stop #2 Start Thinking of the Possibilities $3.00
So Me and You Are Reading This Zine and You’re All Like “Whoa This Is Really Great” and I’m All “I Know” #1 by Justin Michael Valmassoi $3.00 – Despite being married to Rosario Dawson in the afterlife and a busy schedule of shopping box stores with Hollywood’s A-List, Justin still manages to find time to self-publish his fantastic zines. That’s exactly the kind of commitment to the arts we like to see around here. -EF
Brown Bag Lunch Hour #1 by Naomi Martinez $2.00
Or Let It Sink #4: Halloweened split w/ Dear Jaguar #3: Selected Errors Split Zine $2.00 by Jim and Vicky $2.00
Coffee Spoons #1 by Megan Kirby $2.00
Rad Dad #18 by Tomas Moniz #3.00
Without Words and Without Kneeling: A Serialized Zine Novella by Tomas Moniz $3.00 each for first and second installments

Seafaring #1 by Tiffanie Bui and Sophie McMahan $7.00 – Weird and wonderful, like what might happen if Phoebe Gloeckner decided to draw an issue of Curio Cabinet.
CBGB #4 (Boom) $3.99
Vertigo Resurrected #1 Shoot (Vertigo) $7.99
Juicy City #1 – Ouicy Hey Man You Want This and Juicy City #2 – Guicy by Cosmo Jones $6.50 each
That Poison Bunnie #1 by Nate Higley $3.00
F #2 by Kevin Huizenga $3.00
Jumbo Army of Lovers Will Be Beaten Book 5 by Bernie McGovern $12.00
Joshua Tree 24 Hour Comic One Trees Search For the Truth by Harrison Rosenberg $3.00

Xed Out by Charles Burns (Pantheon) $19.95 – Don’t miss Charles Burns here at Quimby’s on  Nov 3rd, reading from this first volume of an epic masterpiece of graphic fiction in brilliant color.

Luthor HC by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo (DC) $19.99
Picture This – The Near Sighted Monkey Book Learn How to Art with the Near Sighted by Lynda Barry (D&Q) $29.95
Wrong Place by Brecht Evens(D&Q) $24.95
Y the Last Man vol 4 Deluxe Edition by Brian K. Vaughan (Vertigo) $29.99
Hellblazer TPB India (Vertigo) $14.99
Saga of Rex TPB by Michel Gagne (Image) $17.99
Comic Torah Rimagining the Very Good Book by Aaron Freeman and Sharon Rosenweig $17.00

Flaming Zeppelins: The Adventures of Ned the Seal by Joe R. Lansdale (Tachyon) $14.95

Chicks On Speed: Don’t Art Fashion Music by Chicks On Speed (DCA) $35.00 – They’re a band! No, they’re artists! No, they’re an activist performance art collective! No, they’re Chicks On Speed. And they don’t play guitars. -LM
Discrepancies HC by Alex Gross (Gingko) $29.95 – Surreal and beautiful for those who appreciate Mark Ryden.
Juxtapoz Handmade (Gingko) $29.95 – Crafting anthology lowbrow art Juxtapoz style.
Mural Art vol 3: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces All Over the World From Graffiti  to Trompe L’oeil (Publikat) $39.95

Stich’N’Bitch Superstar Knitting by Debnie Stoller (Workman) $17.95
Revolutionary Women Book of Stencils by Queen of the Neighborhood (PM Press) $12.00

Juxtapoz #118 Nov 10 $5.99
Bizarre #168 Nov 10 $10.50
New Heroes #2 $15.00
Fortean Times #267 Nov 10 $11.99
Make vol 24 $14.99
Ack Ack Ack #2 $3.00
Black Velvet #66 $6.25
Dodgem Logic #4 Jun Jul 10 and Dodgem Logic #5 Aug Sep 10 by Alan Moore $7.00 each

Rejected Quarterly #21 Win Spr Sum 10 $7.50

Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage by Kenneth Silverman (Knopf) $40.00

Don’t Mourn: Balkanize Essays After Yugoslavia by Andrej Grubacic (PM Press) $20.00

Mirror Maze: A Norwegian Mans True Story of Five Years in Mexican Prison During the 1980s by Tom Brungar and Lisa Nicole Walker $12.95
Success Principles by Carol Sankar $11.99
This Is NPR The FIrst Forty Years (Chronicle) $29.95

Handbook vol 4 #4 2010 $6.00

Slingshot 2011 Small Organizer $6.00 or Large $12.00
Endeavour 2011 Nikki McClure Calendar $16.00
Ron Rege Jr 2011 Calendar and Poster (Little Otsu) $12.00
Willie Wrinkles Notebook 3 Pack Recycled Sketchbooks $6.00

Jay Ryan at Quimby’s on 12/10!

Dec ’10
7:00 pm

Quimby’s is proud to  welcome Chicago-based poster artist Jay Ryan, celebrating the release of AN UPDATED AND REVISED GREATEST-HITS COLLECTION of Jay Ryan’s first decade of compelling posters, 100 Posters/134 Squirrels. Known for his hand-drawn type, humorous animal subjects, and muted color selections, Jay Ryan has been making screen-printed concert posters in Chicago since 1995. He’s worked for thousands of rock bands, as well as clients like Patagonia clothing, Converse shoes, Burton Snowboards, and the BBC.

The work in 100 Posters/134 Squirrels is framed by essays from luminaries in the music, design, and poster worlds–including Steve Albini, Art Chantry, Greg Kot, and Debra Parr. This 2005 debut collection of Jay’s was praised by Chicago media and publications across the globe, including:

“Not only a gorgeous catalog of the artist’s many memorable posters,  but a history of sorts of the Chicago underground rock scene in the  last 15 years.”                                     –Chicago Sun-Times

“Jay Ryan takes the germ of an idea and makes it uniquely great. His genius is in knowing what matters and what doesn’t . . . His genius is in having the image matter.”                        –Steve Albini

Since the release of that book, he has honed his craft continuing without the use of computers, and screen-printing the work in his shop called the Bird Machine for bands such as the Melvins, the Shins, Modest Mouse, Andrew Bird, Shellac, My Morning Jacket, and hundreds of others. His book, Animals and Objects In and Out of Water, features 120 of Jay Ryan’s favorite pieces of art from the last three years, including text about each of the prints, detail photos (shot at the  MCA in Chicago), and original drawings.

For more info: