New Stuff October 28th!!!

Not only did a whole new crop of Picture Box and Upper Playground books land in the store this week, but the much in demand Slingshot planners also pulled up a hot seat behind the counter. Also Anne Elizabeth Moore’s new book about advertising tactics is here and the Veganomicon has just been published for all your Vegan eating needs So now’s the time to get your goods and maybe pick up that hot book before its sold out this holiday season!!

New Stuff Oct 28th

Giant Robot #50 $4.99
Wire Oct 07 284 $10.99 with Wire Tapper 18 CD
Death Taxes #10 $3.95
Heavy Metal Fal 07 $6.95
Capricious #7 $19.00
ID International Design Nov Dec 07 $18.00
Rethinking Schools Vol 22 #1 $4.95
Maximumrocknroll #294 $4.00
Gothic Beauty #24 $4.95
Guilt and Pleasure #6 Fal 07 $8.95
Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone $8.95 By Cannabis Culture Magazine
Tin House Vol 9 #1 Fantastic Women $16.95
Wallpaper Nov 07 $8.99
Whitewall #7 Fal 07 $20.00
Black Velvet #54 $6.00
Black Carrot #9 $1.00
Caboose #7 $1.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Storeyville by Frank Santoro $24.95
New Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama $19.95
Powr Mastrs #1 by CF $18.00
Hellblazer #237 $2.99
Jack of Fables vol 2 Jack of Hearts TPB $14.99
Jellyfist $8.95
Only Skin #2 by Sean Ford $5.00
White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet $27.95
Serenity vol 1 Those Left Behind HC $19.95
Walking Dead #43 $2.99
Pictures of You $11.95
Agony and Ecstasy $25.00 Basil Wolverton Bible Illustrations!!!!
Simpsons Comics #135 $2.99

New Books
Unmarketable by Anne Elizabeth Moore $15.95
Veganomicon $27.50 Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
Heart and Torch $29.95 Rick Griffins Transcendence
Just Good Vibes $19.95 Maya Hayuk
You Some Letters From the First Five Years $20.00
Wings Strings Meridians $15.00 Art and Music by Tara Jane O’Neil
Our Gods Wear Spandex $19.95
Slam HC by Nick Hornby $19.99
Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao  by Junot Diaz $24.95
Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx $32.50
Alison Jackson Confidential HC $39.99 Is this real or fake! Gossip or Hoax!!
Beyond Bullets $21.95 Suppression of Dissent in the United States
Fidel Castro Reader $19.95
Praise of Barbarians by Mike Davis $15.00
Need to Know $16.95 UFOs the Military and Intelligence
Touch and Go by Studs Terkel $24.95
Gun Show Nation $16.95 Gun Culture and American Democracy
Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien $12.95
Working For the Man Inspiring and Subversive Projects for Residents of Cubicle $12.95
Saber Mad Society $29.95
Breaks $35.00 Stylin and Profilin 1982 thru 1990
Monument for Nothing $59.95 Art of Makoto Aida
Psychedelic Renegades $29.95 Photos of Syd Barrett by Mick Rock
Logology $39.95 Wonderland of Logo Design
Pussy and Papers Poetry Power and Pistols $39.95 shirts by Kevin Lyons
Love Hate From JP $19.95 Art of Usugrow
72 Girls and Some Boys Who Could Be Models $20.00 New from J&L books
Legends of the Chelsea Hotel $16.95
Rock and the Pop Narcotic 3rd Edition by Joe Carducci $29.95

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Superbitch Magazines The Triple B Series DVD $15.99 Gothic boobs 4 U!
Superbitch #13 $2.00 more pin ups for Detroit
Naked Ambition $40.00 R-rated look at the X-rated industry

SLINGSHOT PLANNERS!!!! $6.00 small $12.00 Large
Assorted Pee Wee’s Playhouse figures $9.99!!!!
Grid Notebook $8.00
Lakes and Territories of the Greater 2008 Calendar $11.00
Milky Elephant Postcard Of The Month Calendar 2008 $16.00
Three Year Calendar Lart Cognac Berliner $6.00
Come Along Weekly Planner
Non Planner Datebook $16.00
Hanukkah Cookies $1.25
Happy Chanukah Punch Balloon .80
Chanukah Velvet Art $2.50

Learning To Love You More by Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher $19.95