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New Stuff This Week — Just a Smattering!

Dear High School Boy by Eryca $1.00 – cute little thingy.

Never Kneel #1 A Testimony of Personal Enlightenment Through Rejection of Faith by Seth Graham $2.00

Worst Future Ever #2 The Alienated Virtually Unreal 1990s by JD $1.00

Garfield In Chains by Ian McDuffie $6.00 – Holy smokes hilarious.

Fadge 100 Doodles by BT Livermore $9.00 – Attractive comics!

Blindworms Null 1012 2008 by Paul Nudd $5.00 – And restock of his awesome blobby art zines. And check out DVDs too! One about Keih Herzik and one about Nick Black! $5.00 each.

Mourning Star vol 2 by Kazimir Strzepek (Bodega) $13.00

Hungover Gourmet #11 by Dan Tylor $2.00

Blood and Thunder #12 $5.99

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon Massachusetts Ghostly Voices by Michael Markowicz (Schiffer) $19.99

Paranormal Great Lakes An Illustrated Encyclpoedia by Charles Cassady Jr (Schiffer) $14.99

Portable Atheist Essential Readings For the Nonbeliever by Christopher Hitchens (New Press) $17.95

Ink In the Hood Tattoos For Darker Skin by Dragon Randy Holder (Schiffer) $29.99

Sick a Compilation Zine on Physical Illness edited by Ben Holtzman (Microcosm) $6.00

Dwelling Portably 1990-1999 by Brett and Holly Davis (Microcosm) $8.00

Label 228 Street Art Project by Camden Noir (Soft Skull) $24.95

Spliffigami by Chris Stone (Ten Speed) $12.95

Ghanavision Hand Painted Film Posters From Ghana (Bongout) $25.00

Sports Book by Jonas Wood (Picturebox) $20.00 -Some pretty hilarious illustrations of athletes.

Anxiety and Depression by Scott King (JRP) $15.00

Pigxote by Harmony Korine (Nieves) $28.00

Hamburger Eyes #13 $10.00

Pelu vol 1 Little Fluffy Gigolo by Junko Mizuno (JaPress) $17.95

Best Erotic Comics 2009 edited by Greta Christina (Last Gasp) $19.95

Diary of a Catering Whore Years 1-3 by Sean Seamous McWhinny $3.00 for each issue – A comic for anybody in the food service industry.

Burlesque Poster Design The Art of Tease by Chaz Royal (Korero) $34.95

Juxtapoz Car Culture (Gingko) $29.95

Smile Hon Youre in Baltimore #11 by Patrick William Tandy $3.00

Lesbian Cowboys Erotic Adventures by var. (Cleis) $14.95 – Giddyup!

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-27

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Jeff Phillips Reads From Whiskey Pike: A Bedtime Story for the Drinking Mankind

Sep ’09
7:00 pm

Much as a child draws a picture of a favorite animal, Jeff Phillips has attempted to do something similar with a favorite beverage. It is illustrated in the fashion of a child’s bedtime story book. Only this story book delves into adult themes of corruption and takes us into the land of the source of an intoxicating ingredient, offering a bedtime story not for the dozing child but the soul of a somewhat hardened drinking type. Shane Bowermaster reaps the land and sells his crop of barley to sustain the family pastime and habit; whiskey. Inspired to try his hand at brewing the beverage of choice, a new trade consumes the Bowermaster family, leading them down a path toward one wild and wicked toast.

“Through the construction of what may be called a bedtime story, Phillips extends a hand to the drunkard and by extension, to the modern reader who looks to fiction to fill up the emotional gaps left barren by historical platitude. So Phillips imbues his text with details from an alternate history, leaping ideas of the type told by a drunken dreamer who truly believes he is awake—“I can drive! I can drive!”—; so he does drive, forward and quick, passing through a national landscape so defined and attentive that the reader instantly recognizes the semi-soft surprise of an erection unexpectedly pushing against the base of a wooden dinner table in full use and spread. However, this same reader cannot identify the story’s setting or time period—1890s? 1970s?—unless hard pressed and squeezed. This is an unusual thing. Let it be known: “Whiskey Pike” is the intoxicating mixture of a young man under many influences.” – James N. Kienitz Wilkins, director of Nature Mature and Public Hearing.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-08-26

  • sleex 'n' sexxy artbookay: duchamp & art of chess, barney bubbles monograph, harmony korine, & russian criminal tats vol 1!!!! back in print #

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