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Quimby’s Founder Steven Svymbersky Says Hello!

Jan ’10
1:00 pm


In 1991 Steven Svymbersky, the founder of Quimby’s, opened the store’s in Chicago on 1328 N. Damen (at Evergreen) in Wicker Park, in a 1000 sq. ft. space. Since 1985 he had published over 50 zines with his friends, and had published Quimby Magazine for five years in Boston. Steven’s philosophy of the store: “I really want to carry every cool – bizarre – strange – dope – queer – surreal – weird publication ever written and published and in time Qvimby’s will. Because I know you’re out there and you just want something else, something other, something you never even knew could exist.” In 1997 he sold the store to the current owner Eric Kirsammer, and he moved to Amsterdam. Now he’s back to say hello! A limited engagement!

D.L. Russell Reads From Hell Is An Awfully Big City

Jan ’10
7:00 pm

HELLCOVERFINALAlthough his work is primarily dark fantasy horror, D.L. Russell considers himself a teller of weird tales, in The Twilight Zone – Amazing Stories tradition. He is one of the founders of the publication Strange, Weird and Wonderful Magazine. His new collection is titles Hell Is an Awfully Big City (Wild Cat Books). For more info:

Top 10 This Week, and Our On-Going Consignment Binder Situation


1. Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb (WW Norton) $24.95

2. Slingshot 2010 Large Organizer $12.00

3. Revive Nikki McClure 2010 Calendar $16.00

4. Lettering and Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces by Bruce Willen and Nolen Stras (Princeton Architectural Press) $24.95

5. Animals and Objects In and Out of Water: Posters by Jay Ryan 2005-2008 (Akashic) $22.95

6. 2010 Gear Worms Calendar by Leif Goldberg $24.00

7. Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves, ed. by Jason Bitner (St. Martins Press) $22.99

8. Inventory by The Onion AV Club (Scribner) $18.00

9. Hot Damn and Hell Yeah, Dirty South Cook Book: Recipes for Hungry Banditos by Ryan Splint (Microcosm) $6.00

10. Rough Guide To Bicycle Maintenance (Microcosm) $2.00


New Stuff This Week

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mini Comix

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mini Comix

The Miniest Mini Comic by Nick Main.

Zines and Chap Books

Idiot Moron $weepstake$ #2 $5.00

Larissa Meets Bigfoot and Other Stories by Teresa Milbrodt $4.00

I’ll See You In My Dreams Test Everything Zine #3  $10.00

Me Magazine #18 Win 09 $7.50

Uncle Envelope #13 $4.50

This Cook Book is  Made for Jesus by Susan Cianciolo $12.00

School Women and Japanese Culture #1 by Maki Hakui $12.00

Etc #6 Deja Vu – The Final Issue $3.00

KerBloom #81 Nov Dec 09 9 times 9 is eighty one: Artnoose and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Year $2.00

Effigy #4 by Matt Whispers $3.00

Judas Goat Quarterly #44 Win 09 $1.50

Delusions of Grandeur by Francisco Lamb $8.00

Poetry and Fiction

Spiking the Sucker Punch by Robbie Telfer $15.00

Mags and Lit Journals

Gargoyle #55 $15.95

World Explorer vol 5 #5 $6.00

Skeptical Inquirer Jan Feb 10 vol 34 #1 $4.95

Marbles Mudfish Individual Poet Series #6 $10.00

Define the Meaning #9 $4.99

HotShoe Dec Jan 10 $9.50

Grafik #180 Dec 09 $19.99

Eye Spy #65 $6.50

Under the Radar #29 $4.99

Lowbrow Art Books

Conceptual Realism In the Service of the Hypothetical by Robt Williams (Fantagraphics), soft cover $24.99, hard cover $49.99

Graphic Novels

Footnotes In Gaza HC by Joe Sacco (Metropolitan) $29.95

Luke On the Loose by Harry Bliss (Toon Books) $4.99

Unclothed Man In the 35th Century Animation Work and Comic Short Stories by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics) $19.9

More Than Complete Action Philosophers by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey (Evil Twin) $24.95

Alec: The Years Have Pants by Eddie Campbell (Top Shelf) $35.00

Definitive Prince Valiant Companion by Hal Foster (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Goon vol 6 Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr Wicker $15.95


Future Space Worship You Illusion by Mark Velard $2.00

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #7 by Philip K. Dick and var. other (Boom) $3.99

Mishy Gosh #1A by Rose Shipman $3.00

Beneath the Foundation by Krystal DiFronzo $4.00

Coin Op #2: 5 Stories by Peter Hoey $10.00

Sexy Stuff

AG #109 Super Erotic Anthology Comic (Icarus) $4.99

Other Oddities

3D View Master Photo Reels by Matt Bergstrom of the Wurlitzer Build Your Own Chicago and New York Postcards! Three different Chicago-based reels, $10.00 each. Topics are: Motels of Lincoln Avenue, Route 66 in Chicago, and Chicago Hot Dog Stands! Plus, we sell the viewmasters themselves for only $6.00!

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