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New Stuff This Week

New stuff this week! #quimbys #zines

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KerBloom #122 Sep Oct 16 by Artnoose $2.00

End of my Career by Martha Grover $10.00

Feeling Better #1 On Mindfulness & #2 With Others by Emily Lusk $2.00 each

Reglar Wiglar #24 $5.00

Spatial Collage, Getting Wacky with It Solo Show by Julia Arredondo $4.00

zines from the The Sprout Anarchist Collective $2.00 each:
Short Circuit: Towards an Anarchist Approach to Gentrification
Towards A Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle


Bank Micro Comic by Caroline Cash $1.00

Cankor Calamity of Challenge #1 by Matthew Allison $5.00

Sky and the Sea by Rachel Bard $4.00

Functional Decay by Kaitlin Kostus $4.00


Laurels of Xenon by Ryan Dodgson (Koyama Press) $19.95

Walk in Eden: A Coloring Book by Anders Nilsen (D&Q) $16.95

Order of Things A Bestiary by Reid Psaltis (Secret Acres) $12.95

Trying Not to Notice by Will Dinski (2d Cloud) $12.95

How to Survive in the North by Luke Healy (Nobrow) $22.95

Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen, Retold and Illustrated by Johee Yoon (Enchanted Lion) $22.95

Birthmark by Nathan Jurevicius (Koyama) $19.95

Wendys Revenge by Walter Scott (Koyama Press) $18.00

I Am a Hero vol 2 Omnibus by Kengo Hanazawa $19.99

We All Wish for Deadly Force by Leela Corman $10.00

World of Edena by Moebius $49.99

Habitat by Simon Roy $9.99


Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino $39.99

Theatre of Apparitions by Roger Ballen $40.00 – 90 black-and-white photos of fossil-like facial forms and dismembered body parts with vaporous, ghost-like shadows, all from this critically acclaimed art photographer.

Bait: Off Color Stories for You to Color by Chuck Palahniuk $19.99


Wyatt At the Coyote Palace by Kristin Hersh $24.95 – Throwing Muses founding member releases new album as a book. With artwork, lyrics, essays and stories by Kristin, the book also includes a CD of the album, and details of how to download exclusive extra content.

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl: A Memoir by Carrie Brownstein $16.00 – Now in soft cover.

The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy by Kliph Nesteroff $18.00

Anatomy of A Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock R&B and Pop by Marc Myers $26.00

Is This Live?: Inside the Wild Early Years of MuchMusic: The Nation’s Music Station by Christopher Ward $24.95 – Captures the pure fun and rock ’n’ roll rebellion of the early years of MuchMusic, Canada’s answer to MTV.


Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseurs Cookbook by Janice Poon $29.95

The Book of English Folk Tales by Sybil Marshall and John Lawrence $35.00

Marijuana: A Short History by John Hudak (Brookings Institution Press) $14.95

The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky $30.00 – Complete and unabridged encyclopedia arcana from controversial Russian noblewoman Spiritualist Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.


Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams $15.95 – A major new manifesto for a high-tech future, free from work.

No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality by Jordan Flaherty (AK Press) $15.00

Folding the Red Into the Black: Developing a Viable Untopia for Human Survival in the 21st Century by Walter Mosely (OR Books) $14.95

How to Win at Feminism: The Definitive Guide to Having it All and Then Some by Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress Press) $22.99

The Drone Memos: Targeted Killing, Secrecy, and the Law by Jameel Jaffer (New Press) $27.95

Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend by Deirdre Bair $30.00

Rebel Crossings: New Women, Free Lovers, and Radicals in Britain and the United States by Sheila Rowbotham $34.95


Submission: A Novel by Michael Houellebecq $16.00

Living Legendary by Jon Pearlman $15.99

Wild Swan and Other Tales by Michael Cunningham $16.00


Mojo #276 Lou Reed $10.99

Cabinet #60 Containers $12.00

Wire #392 Oct 16 Jenny Hval $9.99


Hitler High Pandoras Bong the Trailer and Some Short Stories and A Haiku or Two by Tripp Nasty $3.00

The Literary Review vol 59 #3 Sum 16 Heaven Is Some Place $10.00

Dirt Water With A Crunch by Emma Waldo $5.00


The Adventures of Fat Rice: Recipes from the Chicago Restaurant Inspired by Macau by Abraham Conlon, Adrienne Lo, Hugh Amano, with illustrations by Sarah Becan.

Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People by Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell (Feminist Press) $19.95

New Stuff This Week

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 1.49.09 PM


Twenty Dudes vols 1-5 by Ted Trager $3.00 each

Proof I Exist #26 Oct 16 by Billy Roberts $4.00

Music and Poetry and Other Shit by Elizabeth Meyer $3.00

Library Excavations #4 Suspect Methodology by Marc Fischer $6.00 – The images in this booklet are reproduced (without permission) from a study on personal appearance identification within a law enforcement environment.

No Friends #4 Fall 16 $6.50

Sick Muse #4 Aug 16 & #5 Oct 16 $5.00 each

We Believe in Infinite Intelligence: A Twenty First Century Guide to Spiritualism by Lacey Prpic Hedtke $11.00


Love and Rockets vol 4 #1 by Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $4.99

23 Skidoo by Al Columbia $3.99

Laskimooses #31 Hoponpoppoa $7.00

Aloisia #1 Mark of the Beast by ME Williams $2.00

Cowboys and Insects One Shot by David Hine and Shaky Kane (Floating World) $4.99

Summer Bummer Pallor Pink vol 2 Anthology by Sage Coffey and friends $5.00


The Graveyard Book, Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell $35.00

Ancestor by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward $14.99

Laid Waste by Julia Gfrorer (Fantagraphics) $14.99 – As corpses accumulate around her, Agnes, a young widow possessed of supernatural strength, must weigh her obligations to the dead and dying against her desire to protect what little remains.

Black Dahlia by Rick Geary (NBM) $15.99

International Cult of the Dank Arts of Friendship by Yewon Kwon $12.00


Visual Abuse: Jim Blanchard’s Graphic Art 1982-2002 by Jim Blanchard and Charles Peterson (Fantagraphics) $34.99 – Jim Blanchard’s work from 1982–2002 intersected with punk rock, grunge, psychedelia, alternative comics, “zine” culture, portraiture, and “girlie” art. The book gathers Blanchard’s art into a cohesive whole; one section assembles the best of Blanchard’s LP covers, posters and flyers from the hardcore punk era through grunge, including iconic Black Flag, Nirvana, and Soundgarden posters.


Death: An Oral History by Casey Jarman $22.95

Blood and Death: The Secret History of Santa Muerte and the Mexican Drug Cartels by John Lee Brook (Headpress) $19.95

Aliens Are Coming: The Extraordinary Science Behind Our Search For Life In the Universe by Ben Miller $15.95

Mysterious Chicago: History at Its Coolest by Adam Selzer $16.99 – Stories behind Chicago’s most fascinating unsolved mysteries, from the 1800s to modern day. Who was the first “automobile murderer”? Was there an actual vampire slaying at Rose Hill cemetery? Who really started the great Chicago fire? Forty unsolved mysteries heavily researched.

This Way Madness Lies by Mike Jay $45.00 – A compelling and evocatively illustrated exploration of the history of madness and its treatment as seen through the lens of its proverbial home: Bethlem Royal Hospital, London, popularly known as Bedlam. Includes provocative illustrations sourced from the Wellcome Collection’s extensive archives and the Bethlem Royal Hospital’s archive.

Murder by Candlelight: The Gruesome Crimes Behind Our Romance with the Macabre by Michael Knox Beran $16.95

Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy by Divya Anantharaman and Katie Innamorato $26.95 The definitive guide to a growing movement. 100+ color photographs.


A Gambler’s Anatomy: A Novel by Jonathan Lethem $27.95 – An international backgammon hustler thinks he’s psychic. Too bad about the tumor in his face.


The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave $21.00 – From the inimitable Nick Cave comes a mesmerizing exploration of love, inspiration, and memory that chronicles his 2014 twenty-two-city American tour with the Bad Seeds. This book began life scribbled on paper airlinesick bags during Cave’s 2014 tour. It soon grew into a restless full-length contemporary odyssey.

Dig: Australian Rock and Pop Music, 1960-85 by David Nichols and Dave Graney $35.00

Florence Foster Jenkins: The Life of the Worlds Worst Opera Singer by Darryl W. Bullock $24.95

I Swear I Was There: Sex Pistols, Manchester and the Gig That Changed the World by David Nolan $14.95 – On 4 June 1976, four young men took to the tiny stage of the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester. The noise they made changed everything…The NME named it as the most important gig of all time. When the Sex Pistols played Manchester in ’76 they set off a series of musical detonations that are still being felt today.


The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revolution-From Secret Societies to Wilkileaks and Anonymous by Robert Howells $19.95

Tragic Encounters: A People’s History of Native Americans by Page Smith $19.95

The Other Paris by Luc Sante $17.00 – A whirlwind tour of those who represent another side of Paris: the outcasts, criminals and eccentrics. Now in soft cover!

Rad Families: A Celebration, ed. by Tomas Moniz (PM Press) $19.95 – Edited by Tomas Moniz of the zine Rad Dad. This isn’t a how-to but does explore the process of getting pregnant from trans birth to adoption, grapples with issues of racism and police brutality, probes raising feminists and feminist parenting.

New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism by by Sean Stone (Trine Day) $19.95

The Bonnot Gang: The Story of the French Illegalists by Richard Parry (PM Press) $18.95

Anarchy and the Sex Question: Essays on Women and Emancipation, 1896–1926 (Revolutionary Pocketbooks) by Emma Goldman, ed. by Shawn P. Wilbur (PM Press) $14.95

What is Anarchism: An Introduction by Donald Rooum (PM Press) $14.95


Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!: Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables with Guts by Peter Meehan and the editors of Lucky Peach

Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy by Bonnie Burton $14.99

Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop by Nick Offerman $35.00

Knives and Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind their Tattoos with Recipes by Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton $24.00


The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel by Mark Frost $29.99 – Reads as an FBI dossier whose author is “The Archivist,” and explains exactly how the Martells, Packards and Hornes came to be the prominent families in everyone’s favorite owl-infested small Washington town. This book also ties in pertinent Nez Pierce Native American lore dating back to the Manifest Destony days, not to mention some good old-fashioned high weirdness like the Freemasons, UFOs, Jack Parsons and the Grassy Knoll. Also provides some much needed background for specific questions on the show: how exactly did Hank fall out of favor with the Bookhouse Boys? What happened to the Log Lady when she was a kid that made her so weird? Awesome ephemera reproduction to move the narrative along that any TP fan will go ga-ga for: an RR Diner menu! The cover of a Terence McKenna-like book by Dr. Jacoby! An Autopsy Report of Josie Packard! Also, a surprisingly good piece of writing in the form of the doctor’s notes diagnosing Nadine’s health issues which showcases Mark Frost’s abilities to take the poetic Lynchian images and make sense of them (he was the one who pretty much filled in the gaps for David Lynch’s weirdness and made it, well make sense). A damn fine book. -LM


Maximumrocknroll #402 Nov 16 $4.99

True Crime Oct 16 $9.99

Tattoo Energy #103 $10.99

Monster Children #52 $11.99

Cinema Retro vol 12 #36 16 $11.99

Cannabis Now #22 Wiz Khalifa $7.99

Wicked Vision Magazine vol 3 Sep Oct 16 $18.00

Four Two Nine #8 $12.99

RFD #167 Fall 16 Substance $9.95


Aliterate #1 Fall 16 $12.00

Midwestern Gothic #23 Fall 16 $12.00


Gum, socks, soap, notebooks, planners, shit to put on your cat, boxes, gift bags to hold all that shit, Krampus wrapping paper — capitalism holiday stocking stuffer overdose starts now. Get it here.

New Stuff This Week

New stuff! #quimbys #zines #minicomics

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Scaredy Cat #1 $5.00

Rotten Roots #1 A Collection of Trees and Dead Things by Jonathan LaMantia $6.00

Snack Bar #2 The Gross by The Snack Bar Collective $10.00

Pops Parents on Parenting #1 by Jonas & friends $3.00


Test Mini Comic by Lucius Wisniewski $3.00

Uncle Holiday and Friends Comix by Djan Abeasi Vaughn $10.00


Fuzz and Pluck the Moolah Tree by Ted Stearn (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon by Shigeru Mizukis (D&Q) $12.95 – The second volume in the adventures of Shigeru Mizuki’s bizarre yokai boy Kitaro and his gaggle of otherworldly friends.

Such a Lovely Little War Saigon 1961-63 TPB by Marcelino Truong (Arsenal Pulp Press) $26.95

Neil Gaiman’s Troll Bridge, illustrated by Colleen Doran (Dark Horse) $14.99

The DC Universe By Neil Gaiman Deluxe Edition Hardcover $29.99 – Collecting for the first time in a single volume eight of the award-winning author’s celebrated stories of super-heroics!

Another Chance to Get It Right: A Childrens Book For Adults 25th Anniversary Edition by Andrew Vachss (Author), Geof Darrow (Illustrator) $14.99

Korgi Book TPB 4 by Christian Slade (Top Shelf) $9.99

Hellboy in Hell vol 2 The Death Card (Dark Horse) $17.99


Floodgate Companion by Robert Beatty (Floating World) $24.95 – Recalls paperback sci-fi, experimental animation, and the outsider realm of artist-released jazz and psychedelic records.

Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores by Bob Eckstein $22.00 – Hey! We’re in this book!


Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk in Rockford, Illinois, 1973-2005 (Scene History) by David Ensminger (Microcosm) $7.95 – Don’t miss author David Ensminger here at Quimby’s on Nov 18th with Daniel Makagon and Martin Sorrendeguy to talk documentation of DIY culture!

The Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology: A Memoir by Thomas Dolby (Flatiron Books) $27.99 – Science!

Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-first Century by Simon Reynolds $18.99


Changers Book Three Kim by T. Cooper (Black Sheep) $11.95

The Game Don’t Change by Mazaradi Fox (Akashic) $12.95 – The only novel from deceased legendary Queens rapper Mazaradi Fox, a member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew.


Lost Profiles: Memoirs Of Cubism, Dada, And Surrealism by Philippe Soupault (City Lights Books) $13.95

Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace by Jessica Bennett $24.99

Un/Masked: A Guerrilla Girl on Tour by Donna Kaz aka Aphra Behn $24.99


The Book of Dangerous Cocktails: Adventurous Recipes for Serious Drinkers by Dylan March & Jennifer Boudinot $14.99

Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook by Albert Prodigy Johnson & by Kathy Iandoli $24.95


One Valencia Lane (New Lovers #8) by Bettina Davis (Badlands Unlimited LLC) $12.95


Uppercase #31 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18.00


I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems by Eileen Myles $16.99

In On the Great Joke by Laura Broadbent $17.95

Miximum Ca’ Canny the Sabotage Manuals by Ida Börjel (Commune Editions) $16.00 – At once practical handbook, philosophical inquiry, and series of fables set in Putin’s Russia, The Sabotage Manuals throws a wrench into the machinery of contemporary language, generating strange solidarities between saboteurs past and present. Sourced from political pamphlets and factory workers’ diaries, Borjel’s profound poem allows for the most expansive (and explosive) sense of sabotage.


Musnet 2: Impressions of the Master by Kickliy $19.95


Moleskine 2017 Planners!

New Stuff This Week

2017 Slingshots here now! Large $12, small $6

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Slingshots Organizers!


Gnaw #1 Bread Most Done Jack by Dan Kelly $1.00

Printsploitation #2 by Scott R. Miller $4.00

Vita Machina The Cybernetic Sequences We Live Out by Julia Hornedo $5.00

Railroad Semantics Better Living through Graffiti and Trainhopping Box Set by Aaron Dactyl $19.95

Larceny #28 $2.00

This Bike is a Crack Pipe #1 Sep 16 $3.00

Perfect Mix Tape Segue #6 Aspergers and the Re Spectrum of Human Emotions split zine (Microcosm) $3.00

Identity Crisis Punk Subculture and Community (Microcosm) $9.00

Aversiona Zine of Therapeutic Vignettes Chapter 1 Dummy by Aaron Eisheid $5.00

Glutton #1 Sugar Rush by Jesse Szewczyk $5.00

Remedy Quarterly #21 Work and Play $12.00

Momentum by Kate Schneider $2.00

Pissing Vinegar #2 by Elizabeth Thompson $2.00

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives by by Zachary Auburn $12.00


Wolfman Chicago’s Big Butt Watches Boob Tube #1 & #2 by Nate Beaty $2.00 each

Broken Panels by Lane Milburn $5.00

Smoke Signal #25 $5.00 – Forty pages of comics and art including large Jay Rummel portfolio and Norman Rockwell parody cover by Will Elder (!) Also includes new work by: Marc Bell, John Broadley, Al Columbia, Rebekka Dunlap, Theo Ellsworth, Ali Fitzgerald, Siobhan Gallagher, Keren Katz, Tim Lane, Bjorn Miner & Dash Shaw.

Lip Balm by Oberon $1.00

Bird Dog Spread Your Buns and Fly by Douglas Laubacher $5.00

Superfuckers Forever #3 by James Kochalka $3.99

Naptime by Nate McDonough $8.00

Powdered Milk #15 by Keilor Roberts $2.00


Last Look by Charles Burns $29.95 – The trilogy that began with X’ed Out, continued in The Hive, and concluded in Sugar Skull—now in one volume.

Happy Trails by Scott Roberts $20.00

Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq by Sarah Glidden (D&Q) $24.95

CBLDF Presents: She Changed Comics by Betsy Gomez $14.99

What Am I Doing Here by Abner Dean $22.95

Becoming Andy Warhol by Nick Bertozzi and Pierre Hargan $24.95

Arab of the Future 2 by Riad Sattouf $26.00

Tetris: The Game People Play by Box Brown $19.99

The Greatest of Marleys by Lynda Barry (D&Q) $22.95 – Back in print!!

In The Sounds and Seas by Marnie Galloway (One Peace Books) $24.95

Demon vol 1 by Jason Shiga $19.99

Secret Love Lives of Geek Girls, ed. by Hope Nicholson (Dark Horse) $14.99

Adventure Time How to Warrior by Fionna and Cake $19.99

Return of the Honey Buzzard by Aimee De Jongh $22.95

Thought Bubble Anthology 2016 Anthology Collection Ten Years of Comics $9.99

Black Dog the Dreams of Paul Nash by Dave McKean $24.99

Wonder Women: 25 Innovators Inventors and Trailblazers Who Changed History by Sam Maggs and Sophia Foster-Dimino $16.99


Street Art World by Alison Young (Reaktion) $35.00

Surf’s Beat Generation: An Art and Cultural Revolution in Orange County from 1953?1964 by Chrystal McCluney and Rhonda Gawthrop $24.95

Other-Wordly: Words Both Strange and Lovely From Around the World by Yee-Lum Mak and Kelsey Garrity-Riley $14.99

Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker $19.99

Popaganda Coloring Book by Ron English (Last Gasp) $12.95


Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena by Linda S. Godfrey $17.00

The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction, and Houdini in the Spirit World by David Jaher $17.00

Amica’s World: How a Giant Bird Came into Our Heart and Home by Meadow and Washo Shadowhawk (Microcosm) $16.95

Witches of America by Alex Mar $16.00

Brief Histories of Everyday Objects by Andy Warner $20.00

The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts and Fiends of Nature by Nick Redfern $19.95

Revolution’s End: The Patty Hearst Kidnapping, Mind Control, and the Secret History of Donald DeFreeze and the SLA by Brad Schreiber $24.99

Monsters of the Midwest True Tales of Bigfoot Werewolves and Other Legendary Creatures by Jessica Freeburg and Natalie Fowler $9.95

Satanic Panic: Pop-cultural Paranoia in the 1980s by Kier-La Janisse & Paul Corupe $29.95

The Great Pyramid of Giza: A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge by Willem Witteveen (Adventures Unlimited Press) $39.95

The Big Book of Jack the Ripper: The Most Complete Compendium of Ripper Stories Ever Assembled by Otto Penzler $25.00

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey $27.00


New York Rock: From the Rise of The Velvet Underground to the Fall of CBGB by Steven Blush $24.99

Unfaithful Music and Disappering Ink by Elvis Costello $17.00

Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture by M HKA (Black Dog Publishing) $34.95

God Forgive These Bastards LIMITED ED BOOK + TAXPAYERS LP SET (Microcosm) $19.95

This is A Book about the Kids in the Hall by John Semley $17.95

Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies by Kevin Smokler $16.95

Politics of Punk: Protest and Revolt from the Streets by David Ensminger $40.00

Old Records Never Die: One Man’s Quest for His Vinyl and His Past by Eric Spitznagel $16.00

Mavericks of Sound: Conversations with the Artists Who Shaped Indie and Roots Music by David Ensminger $47.00

Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson $29.95

The Original Topps Trading Card Series volume 3: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi $24.95

A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism by Paul Youngquist $27.95

Florence Foster Jenkins: The Inspiring True Story of the World’s Worst Singer by Nicholas Martin $16.99

Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla by Cherry Vanilla $15.99 – Now in soft cover.

In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life (from the Pop Classics series) by Soraya Roberts $12.95

Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE by Pat Patterson $25.95

The Frightfest Guide to Exploitation Movies: The Dark Heart of Cinema by Alan Jones (FAB Press) $24.95

Rowdy: The Roddy Piper Story, A Biography of Their Father by Ariel Teal & Colt Baird Toombs $25.00


Invisibility Cloak by Ge Fei $14.00

33 Revolutions SC by Canek Sanchez Guevara $14.00

Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong $16.99

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2016 ed. by by Rachel Kushner & 826 National $14.95

Repitition: A Novella by James Tadd Adcox $12.00


Defensive Eating with Morrissey: Vegan Recipes from the One You Left Behind by Joshua Ploeg and Automne Zingg (Microcosm) $14.95

Comfort Eating with Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes to Get Deep Inside of You by Automne Zingg and Joshua Ploeg (Microcosm) $14.95

The Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book by Elly Blue and Meggyn Pomerleau (Microcosm) $12.95

The Beard Coloring Book by Meggyn Pomerleau (Microcosm) $12.95

Walking with Ramona: Exploring Beverly Cleary’s Portland by Laura O. Foster (Microcosm) $9.95

The Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits: Marijuana Varieties from the World’s Best Breeders by Ed Rosenthal $24.95

Punk Rock Entrepreneur: Running a Business without Losing Your Values by Caroline Moore $9.95


Four Futures: Life After Capitalism by Peter Frase $16.95

Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle East by Patrick Cockburn $29.95

Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines in Living Color” by Jessica Chandler and Chandler O’Leary $24.95

Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy by Lewis H. Lapham $29.95

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory #29 Anarcha-Feminisms $10.00

Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Dream of a Universal Language by Esther Schor $32.00

Six Days in Cincinnati: A Graphic Account of the Riots That Shook the Nation a Decade Before Black Lives Matter (Comix Journalism) by Dan Méndez Moore (Microcosm) $11.95

The ABCs of Socialism by Bhaskar Sunkara & Phil Wrigglesworth (Verso/Jacobin) $14.95

The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir Paperback by Ta-Nehisi Coates $16.00

Forging Capitalism: Rogues, Swindlers, Frauds, and the Rise of Modern Finance (Yale Series in Economic and Financial History) by Ian Klaus $22.00

The Complete Madame Realism and Other Stories by Lynne Tillman (Semiotext(e)/Native Agents) $17.95

The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution ed. by Bryan Shih and Yohuru Williams $24.99

Black Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing and the Covert World of the Digital Sell by Mara Einstein (OR Books) $17.95

A Narco History: How the United States and Mexico Jointly Created the “Mexican Drug War” by Carmen Boullosa and Michael Wallace (OR Books) $15.95

Lafayette In the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell $16.00


Welcome to the Revolution: Pulsating Poetic Prophecies from the Maniacal Master of Mayhem by Calvin Strahan $10.00

Poems of a Shattered Mind by Mickey Bernardi $10.00

Metaphorical Fruit #3 Self Care by Amber Wong and Em Young $7.00


The Pitchfork Review #10 Sum 16 $19.96

AdBusters #128 vol 24 #6 Nov Dec 16 Year of Living Dangerously Part 5 $14.95

Juxtapoz #190 Nov 16 $6.99

Sneaker Freaker #36 $12.95

Witches Almanac #36 Spr 2017-2018 $12.95

The Feathertale Review #16 $12.00

2600 the Hacker Quarterly vol 33 #3 Fall 16 $6.95

Razorcake #94 $4.00

Howler #11 Fall 16 Knight of Cups $15.00

Tokewell #13 Sep Oct 16 $4.20

Tom Tom Magazine #27 Bloc Party $6.00

Shindig #59 Tape Leaders $12.99


Goddess Of Love Incarnate: The Life Of Stripteuse Lili St. Cyr by Leslie Zemeckis $19.95

Oh Joy Sex Toy vols 1 & 2 by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan (Limerence Press) $29.99 each


Quimby’s Bookstore is Coming to New York!


Since 1991 Quimby’s Bookstore has been selling zines and alternative literature in Chicago and now the founder, Steven Svymbersky is going to open a second store in New York! (No worries, the Chicago store isn’t going anywhere!) The first step is to find the right location. We are looking for a space with somewhere between 600-900 sq. ft. not too distant from a train stop. All neighborhoods are up for consideration. If you have any information or suggestions please contact Steven at ssvymberksy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Once a location is found it won’t take long for the store to open and then all the zines and small press publications will be accepted on consignment and events can be scheduled. Looking forward to promoting alternative and underground Lit and Art in New York city very soon!