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December Quimby’s Newsletter Out Now!

Cozy on up to your Quimby’s December announcements. New stuff, virtual events (OK, virtual event, singular) and more.

New Stuff This Week


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Pins, patches and more from World Famous Original!


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Alternative Incite #2 Fall 20 Follow the Creative Impulse $4

Comics & Minis

Bubbles #8 Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $8

You Don’t Get There From Here #56 by Carrie McNinch $4

Stuff from Shawn Granton/Urban Adventure League : New comics & stickers & restock!

Rimeski Comics #11 November 2020 $3

Comics by BluRaven Houvener: Lil Boy Jake $1, It’s Just Another Day #2 $2

Finance Cove #1 Syntonyms For Passion by M. Pearson (Glom Press) $2

Rodeo #2 by E. Salazar $6

Graphic Novels

The Complete Hate by Peter Bagge (Fantagraphics) $119.99

Graphic Novels from by Cathy Hannah: Everyday Diary Comics From Jan-Dec 2017 $15, Year We Met: Diary Comics From Jan-Dec 2019 $15, Lonely Grave of Bobby Frank $10

Hemingway In Comics by Robert K. Elder $29.95

Eternaut 1969 by Héctor Germán Oesterheld and drawn by Alberto Breccia (Fantagraphics) $19.99

The Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality by Mira Schlosberg (Glom Press) $12

Hold My Hand by the Plasma Grid by Michael Hawkins (Glom Press) $10

Politics & Revolution Books

Communism of Love: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Exchange Value by Richard Gilman Opalsky (AK Press) $22


Tiny by Mairead Case (Featherproof) $14.95

Design Books

The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by Roman Mars & Kurt Kohlstedt $30


Serotonin: A Novel by Michel Houellebecq $18

Dead Astronauts: A Novel by Jeff Vandermeer $17


Tom of Finland: Made in Germany (Skira) $39.95

Meat #31 The Naked Issue 2020 + Meat #32 The Ginger Issue $20 each


Drift vol 10 Manhattan $24

Juxtapoz #216 $9.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books

The Paris Review #235 $20

Granta #152 $19.99

Dig by Sydney and Steph $6

WMN issues #1 & #2 $24 each