Pawn Works Sticker Machine Debuts at Quimby’s!

Nicholas Marzullo, owner of the West Side’s gallery and creator of the Sticker Club with New York based partner Seth Mooney, have developed an artist network program using sticker vending machines as the conduit. “We align the images we select with our own history as lifelong street- and graffiti-art aficionados,” he says. ” We believe the sticker is true to the accessibility and visceral nature of street/low-brow art. While it appeals to an age submerged in kitsch, the medium and the vending machines offer ways to deconstruct our childhoods and make the art of established artists from around the world accessible in a cool, cheap way.”

Just a few of the artists participating include: C215, a prolific Paris-based stencil artist and muralist whose splashes of color and meticulous representation of social outcasts, British luminary Eelus, whose dark sense of humor and surreal images bear an uncanny resemblance to those of Banksy, Chicago’s Joe Padilla, as well as The Grocer, who is an an enigmatic street artist with his bold images of, appropriately enough, produce, help make the city Chicago an even bigger component to the project.

Machines can also be found in various venues in New York City such as Brooklynite Gallery.

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