Weekly Top 10

Jacqueline Bovit used our photobooth to make a cute valentine’s card with her little Sadie. And we couldn’t resist begging her to scan them and send them to post on our blog.  Have you taken pictures of yourself in our store? Or used our photobooth? Send them as digital images and we’ll post ’em here on our blog.

1. Cometbus #54 In China With Green Day by Aaron Cometbus $4.00 – Okay, mister, so you’re old friends with Green Day and they ask you to join them on their bonkers tour of China. Of course you’re going to do that. Don’t tell me you’re too punk for your old friends, cause that sounds pretty fucking pretentious. Just join them for a little piece of their crazy-ass ride and see what happens, ‘kay? Oh, wait….you’re not old friends with Green Day? Well, Aaron-Fucking-Cometbus is and was in this very situation and not only did he go on tour with Green Day, he also wrote this huge, funny, frought and generally terrific issue of his zine about corporate tour mayhem and sorting it all out. It’s awesome, in case you needed me to tell you that. -EF
2. Bust Feb Mar 11 $4.99
3. Guide to Picking Locks #2 by CrimethInc $4.50
4. Juxtapoz #122 Mar 11 $5.99
5. Johnny America #8 $3.00
6. Muse the News the Noose #7 Endless Escalators Megabus Split – Gets Megabusted Hell Bus by John Wawrzaszek and Monica Anderson $1.00 – What do you mean I can get a Megabus bus ticket from Chicago to Detroit for two dollars on the internet? Is there some kinda catch – like enduring 10 hours of sleepless septic hell bus leaky bathroom fast food breakdown with 50 other drunks, thieves and collicky babies? Ah well, at least people aren’t being beheaded, like if I was riding Greyhound or something. -EF
7. Paper Spr 11 $4.00
8. Slingshot 2011 Large Organizer $12.00
9. Squid Pro Quo by Jason Duarte $2.00
10. Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Life #2 by Kisha $2.00 – Ai! If issue one wasn’t enough AWKWARD for you, here’s the next THNGVBL that takes us from 3rd-7th grade, encompassing puberty, fatness, misunderstood DIY fashions, queer crushes and early exposure to punk rock.