Weekly Top 10

Happy 2012! Here’s last weeks bestsellers.

1. Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics) $4.95 – I’m sorry, these comics are going to thrizzle you whether you wanna be thrizzled or not. -EF

2.  Best American Comics 2011 ed. by Alison Bechdel et al. (HM) $25.00 – Showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors.

3. Just Kids by Patti Smith (Ecco) $16.00

4. Juxtapoz #132 Jan 12 $5.99

5. OK OK You Smote Me Stories by Al Burian (Quimby’s Exclusive) $3.00 – Quimby’s alum and international zine curmudgeon Al Burian has crafted a new zine exclusively for the store, the second in our “Quimby’s Exclusive” line of periodicals. In OK OK You Smote Me, Al takes us around the corner to his mayhem-prone stint on Wicker Park’s Dean Street, unhexing his way-too-hexed apartment and watching the tumult as Old Chicago takes a scraggly, low-level “stand” against encroaching yuppie “neighborhood improvement”. Compelling, humorous and wistful, with that trademark Burn Collector balance of heart and snark. -EF

6. So This Is What Its Come To: A Comic Zine About the Trials and Tribulations of OK Cupid by Liz Prince, Leslie Perrine, Kettner and Ramsey Everydaypants $3.00

7. The Death Ray by Dan Clowes (D&Q) $19.95 – Coming-of-age-as-comic-book-parable-told-as-comic-book. Another Clowes mindfuck, conveniently in gorgeous hardcover. -EF

8. Girls On Girls #1 Zine and CD: Girls Singing Songs About Girls by Amara Leipzig and Isabella Rotman $5.00

9. We Should: A Selective Guide to Chicago by Laura Szumowski $7.95

10. The Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation Season One by Joshua Chapman $2.00 – Liz got so nerded up about this one she entered it into our database as “Field Guide to the Aliens of TNG S1” so when I looked up simply “Star Trek” it was not to be found because I had failed to enter the correct nerd code. I imagine this will provoke a similar reaction in some of you and you will rip into this reprint of 7th Grader Joshua Chapman’s obsessive cataloguing of the “Next Gen” alien species, complete with pictures and a star rating system. -EF