Weekly Top 10 and Tonight’s Beat Cop’s Guide to Eats Event

1. Peoplings Book: Autism Education and the Savage of Aveyron by Courtney Angermeier and Jeff Benham $12.00 – Thanks to the Comics and Medicine Conference this past weekend!

2. Juxtapoz #126 Jul 11 $5.99

3. Paying For It: A Comic Strip Memoir About Being a John by Chester Brown (D&Q) $24.95

4. The Beat Cops Guide to Chicago Eats by Sgt David J Haynes and Christopher Garlington (Lake Claremont Press) $15.95 – Don’t miss tonight’s event for this book at 7pm!
5 Congress of the Animals by Jim Woodring (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – Woodring’s comics continue to be pure magic.
6. Noah Novella by Noah VanSciver (Grimalkin Press) $4.00 – Noah VanSciver does autobio comics by taking us into his personal troll hole, and it’s not such a bad place to be. He’s a hater, for sure. His crabcake one-pagers about growing up poor, awkward and unlucky really do start to have the Crumb-y effect of explaining the chips on his shoulder. He’s got a good drawing sensibility too that just wrings extra angst and neuroses out of the story. I gotta say, his constant pursuit of fame and fortune through making weird comics wears me down stresses me out a little. The comics are good, they’re being published and noticed, and they’re getting better all the time, it might be time to stop sweating the small stuff and just go for it. -EF
7. Play It Make It – A Tiny Book of DIY Games by Rio (Microcosm) $1.00 – Creative DIY gamecrafting is the kind of thing that makes you a hit at bbqs, parties, car trips and anywhere else social boredom may try to strike. Lucky you, this fun one is packed with idears and sized to travel. -EF
8. The Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne (Penguin) $16.00

9. The First Line vol 13 #2 $3.00

10. Believer #81 Jun 11 $8.00


And here’s more info about tonight’s event for The Beat Cops Guide to Chicago Eats:

Join Sgt. David J. Haynes of the Chicago Police Department, and his partner-in-crime, blogger Christopher Garlington on Tues, June 14th at 7pm as they talk about the places where they take a bite out of crime and also bites out of donuts, polish sausage, fried chicken, enchiladas, and omelettes. Peppered with outrageous stories from working cops, Chicago cop lore, and even a few recipes, The Beat Cop’s Guide To Chicago Eats takes you on a gustatory journey through all five Chicago areas, including some of the toughest neighborhoods in the nation.

Sgt. David J. Biscuit Haynes has spent the past 15 years dodging bullets and chasing down gang bangers on the city’s West Side, running Chicago’s first ever Homeland Security Task Force, and supervising squads in the 19th District at Belmont and Western. Christopher “The Bull” Garlington is a blogger and author, known for his stories of raising highly intelligent (devious) children published on the blog Death by Children. His writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Another Realm, Bathhouse, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and more. Together Haynes and Garlington have hosted the radio program The Dave & Chris Show! since 2007, during which they cultivate and maintain a long-standing argument about…everything. From politics and video games to the importance of cool nicknames and secret societies, they cover it on their live weekly broadcast from cigar stores, bars, and other manly locales around Chicago. Their show first aired on WJJG and is now broadcast online on blogtalk radio.

The book retails at $15.95 and includes $34 in coupons. It’s like being buddies with your alderman.