Meet the locals, part one

The Return of Kebab
The Return of Kebab, by Dan Gleason – $8.95

Professional news clipper and writer Dan Gleason has been bringing his short story zines to Quimby’s since the Hannah regime. He’s back again with The Return of Kebab, his second collection of short stories, and he’s got a disgusting/delicious gyro sandwich in tow. And that’s just the cover! Inside, you’ll find deliciously disgusting tales of wonder, woe, drunkenness and sexual depravity so grossly compelling as to make all that shredded meat seem a distant, savory memory.

Here’s your sweet taste:

In the whisper game she revealed to me that the
darkly-packed black man’s testicles, smashed together
as they were in the pornographic video, looked just
like a large avocado. And I responded to her that
this was obvious- not unlike the difference between
the meditative sort versus the over-emotional open
book, or the ever-present look of death in the eyes of
the once Quixotic gent who got a job trivializing the
marginalized with perfunctory kindness.

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