New Stuff 10/25/08

Just had a dude ask me if we sold Ron Paul paraphernalia? What Halloween costume is that for? Anyway Henry Owings will be here tonight to make fun of the often over serious business of indie rock. So swing by if you can, last time he brought everybody in attendance milkshakes! For Real! Other than that the fall book onslaught continues, WOW!

New Stuff October 25th 2008

Stop Smiling #37 $6.99
Giant Robot #56 $4.99
Heeb #18 $5.99
Harpers Magazine Nov 08 $6.95
Meatpaper #5 $7.95
Wax Poetics #31 $9.99
Juxtapoz #94 Nov 08 $4.99
Russia Georgia and South Ossetia $1.00 Nice little political zine
Meteor Ogre #4 by Keith Herzik $5.00
Sing for Your Supper $5.95 from writing to booking the DIY of music!
Johnny America #6 $4.00
Ontrack #2 Graffiti Art $5.00
Kilter #1 Fall 08 $3.00
Reality Mom Vol 5 #3 Fal 08 $3.00
Straight Talk Express $3.00 McCain a racist? No really?
Cooking with Surplus n Excess $3.00 nice guide for garbage pickers

Comics & Graphic Novels
Or Else #5 by Kevin Huizenga $4.95
Acme Novelty Library #19 by Chris Ware $15.95
Heavy Liquid HC by Paul Pope $39.99 New Deluxe Edition
Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell $19.95
Daybreak Episode 3 by Brian Ralph $10.00
Rico Mc Taco by Edie Fake $4.00
Comics Journal #293 $11.99
Hot and Cold Running Ghosts by Grant Reynolds $3.00
Backwards Folding Mirror #1 $2.50
Pretentious Record Store Guy #1 $2.99
Y the Last Man vol 1 Deluxe Edition $29.99
Aetheric Mechanics by Warren Ellis $6.99
Spirit Femmes Fatales by Will Eisner $19.99
Cat & Gnome by Graham Roumieu $8.00
Frank and Frank by Chris Appelhans $19.95
Evil Dead TPB $12.95
Bourbon Island 1730 $17.95
Exxxtinction $3.00 naughty mini comic
Pizza Dog $4.00 say what!

New Books
Secret and Suppressed II $17.00 Banned Ideas and Hidden History into the 21st Century
Deadly Intent Crime & Punishment $49.95 Photographs from the Burns Archive
Mail Order Monsters$35.00 Ben Jones, Mat Brinkman, Joe Grillo and more!
More Information Than You Require HC by John Hodgman $25.00
Swoon $25.00 Nice monograph of the popular female street artist
Shoot an Iraqi by Wafaa Bilal $16.95 Art Life and Resistance Under the Gun
Holy Headshot $18.95 Celebration of Americas Undiscovered Talent
Heroin Diaries SC by Nikki Sixx $20.00
Wham-o Super Book $19.95
You ll Like This Film Because You’re In It by Michel Gondry $16.95
Monkey World by Matthew Porter $16.95 Children’s’ book
UFO Propulsion Dynamics $24.00
Beyond the Green Zone by Dahr Jamail $16.00 with intro from Amy Goodman
50 Facts That Should Change the USA $15.95 but don’t!!!!
Hit Me With Your Pet Shark $12.95 Misheard Lyrics of the 1980s
Columbus and Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes $14.95
Golden Age of Neglect by Ed Templeton $46.95 Second edition
Bands On the Road The Tour Sketchbook $24.95
Rock and Roll Homicide by RJ McDonnell $25.95
Klaus Schulze Electronic Music Legend by Greg Allen $40.00
Black Leather Jacket by Mick Farren $19.95
826NYC Review #3 $14.00

Porn and Erotica
Roy Stuart vol 5 $39.99 with DVD!
Human Pony $27.95 the basics and advanced tech of serious pony play!
Secret Magazine #32 $17.50 for fetish fans
Flying Colours $39.95 Fetish art compilation

Gifts and Stuff

Serpents Temptation Fetish Calendar 2009 $11.99 12 months of fetish!
2009 Calendar Famous Chicago Graves $20.00
Vintage Vinyl CD Packaging Kit $15.95
Sustain Poster $5.75 by Nikki McClure
Annual Weekly Planner vol 3 $18.00 New Little Otsu for you