New Stuff 2/28/09

Well February is done. Tonight we’ll be at an off site event for the Nation Guide to the Nation. So come say “Hi” if you’re in the North side area.

New Stuff Feb 28th 2009

Mildred Pierce #3 $5.00
Lower East Side Librarian Shout Out 2008 $2.00
Wire #300 Feb 09 $10.99
Inked Mar 09 $6.99

Comics & Graphic Novels
Crazy Town by Paul Gondry $3.00 A Journey Inside A Dictators Head
Sunny Side Down by Lev Yilmaz $14.99 A Collection Of Tales Of Mere Existence
Barefoot Gen vol 8 Merchants of Death $14.95
Watchmen the Film Companion $19.95

New Books
Hi Fructose Collected Edition $39.95
Bomp Saving The World One Record At A Time $34.95
Deflowered by Jon Ginoli $16.95 My Life in Pansy Division
You Are Still Being Lied To edited by Russ Kick $24.95
Tiki Mugs $34.95 Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop
Outsiders: Art By People $26.95
Sinister Forces Book Three: The Manson Secret $29.95
Jack The Ripper $19.95 The Celebrity Suspects
Hi Yield Homemade Hydroponics $9.99
Ruins by Achy Obejas $15.95
Pets With Tourettes $9.95

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Forbidden Apple $18.95 Century of Sex and Sin in New York City
AG #99 Super Erotic Anthology Comic $4.99
Puppetry of the Penis $14.95 Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami