New Stuff 3/08/08

Tonight the 2ndHand touches down and Thursday we are happy to host Jessica Hagy and her Venn Diagrams. So get out and over that cabin fever and maybe find a new book to help you make it thorough the end of winter

New Stuff Mar 8th 2008

Cinema Sewer #21 $4.00
Bitch #39 $5.95
Dwell Apr 08 $5.99
Print Apr 08 $12.95
Video Watchdog #137 $7.95
Signal to Noise #49 Spr 08 $4.95
Wax Poetics #27 $9.99
Tattoo Savage #88 Apr 08 $6.99
Lowrider Girls Mar 08 $5.99
Artforum Mar 08 $10.00
IDN vol 15 #1 $15.00
Electric Velocipede #13 Fall 07 $4.00
AniCoz Vol 2 #1 $4.99
Another Chicago Magazine #47 $8.00
Fortean Times #233 Apr 08 $11.25

Comics & Graphic Novels
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12 $2.99
Service Industry by Edward Bak $9.95
Collected And Then One Day Vol 1 by Ryan Claytor $10.00
Kirby King of Comics by Mark Evanier $40.00
Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons #3 by Ashley Wood $3.99
Young Liars #1 by David Lapham $2.99
Scud Disposable Assassin #22 $3.50
Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall TPB $14.99
Epic Tales of the Mundane #3
Calloway June by Joey Jacks $3.00

New Books
Indexed by Jessica Hagy $11.00
Replacements All Over But The Shouting by Jim Walsh $21.95
Encyclopedia of Country Living $29.95
All About Love by Bell Hooks $13.00
Functional Packaging Prototypes $24.95
Patterns for Textiles $24.95
Simply Materials $39.95 New from Viction:ary
This Means Nothing $29.95 New Graff book
Water Cooler Diaries $15.95 Women Across America Share Their Day at Work
Mama Rama by Evelyn McDonnell $14.95 Memoir of Sex Kids and Rock n Roll
To Lives To Fly by John Kruth $17.50 Ballad of the Late Great Townes Van Zandt
Autobiographies of the Haymarket Martyrs $19.00
Che Guevara Talks to Young People $15.00
Malcolm X Talks to Young People $15.00
Amigurumi Animals $21.95 15 Patterns for Crochet Creatures
Forest In F Minor by Sachiko Hamada $17.00

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Sleazy Slice #2 $6.00
AG #76 Super Erotic Manga Anthology $4.99
Look Both Ways SC by Jennifer Baumgardner $14.00 Bisexual Politics
First Man Made Man $14.95 Story of Sex Change a 20th Century Medical Revolution

Retard O Tron 2 Video Mixtape DVD $20.00 Cinema Sewer does it again!
Mr Bumper Vinyl Figure by Jim Woodring $59.99 This thing is so trippy!
Softies Kit $24.95 Instructions and Tools for Creating 15 Plush Pals

Cheese Monkeys a Novel in Two Semesters SC by Chip Kidd $13.95
20 Jazz Funk Greats by Daniel Drew $10.95 33 1/3 takes on Throbbing Gristle
Sound Art $49.95 Beyond Music Between Categories with Compilation CD
Powr Mastrs #1 by CF $18.00
Anarchy and Alchemy $19.95 Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky
Black Hole SC by Charles Burns $17.95
No Wave by Mark Masters $29.95
Noise Music A History by Paul Hegarty $22.95
You Must Be This Happy To Enter by Elizabeth Crane $14.95
Transit Maps of the World $25.00
Expect Resistance by Crimethinc $11.95
2012 Return of Quetalcoatl SC by Daniel Pinchbeck $14.95