New Stuff 6/28/08

Big week for comics and a few hot paperbacks dropped this week two. Thanks to all the awesome readers who stopped in the store for events this week. I don’t think there was a looser in the bunch! Always nice to meet the people behind the comics, zines and books!

New Stuff June 28th 2008

Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #22 $5.00
Stop Smiling #35 $5.95 the Gambling Issue
Fifth Estate #378 Vol 43 #2 $4.00
Parkett #82 $32.00
Wallpaper Jul 08 $8.95
Shindig Vol 2 #4 May Jun 08 $9.99
Bizarre #137 Jun 08 $9.50
Big Bone #4 $2.99
Muse the News and the Noose #3 Dear Me $2.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Good-Bye HC by Yoshihiro Tatsumi $19.95 Third collection of his work!
Goddess Of War by Lauren Weinstein $12.95 Finally the goddess has landed!
I Was a Teenage Comic Nerd by Liz Prince $3.00 Old Emo Comics from Liz’s Vault
Duddits by Marris Wicks & Liz Prince $5.00
Last Bus #1 by Patrick Lynch $4.50
Get Lost TPB by Mike Esposito and Ross Andru $29.99
Demo TPB by Brian Wood $19.99
Jack of Fables vol 3 Bad Prince TPB
Loaded Bible Book One TPB Jesus vs Vampires Gospels by Tim Seeley $16.99
Umbrella Academy TPB Apocalypse Suite $17.95
Walking Dead TPB vol 8 Made to Suffer $14.99
Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad $19.95

New Books
Best of the First Line Editors Picks 2002 thru 2006 $10.00
Shock Doctrine SC by Naomi Klein $16.00
Sinister Forces by Peter Levenda $29.95
Right in Front of Us $12.00 New from 826 Chicago
Spaced Out $60.00 Communes Infinity Machines and Other Radical Environments
Purple Anthology $60.00 The fashion, sex, art mag gets coffee table treatment!
This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich $24.00
Psychiatric Power SC by Michael Foucault $16.00
Octopus Conspiracy by Steven Hager $19.95
Fully Booked Cover Art and Design for Books $75.00
Old Weird America $34.99 Folk Themes In Contemporary Art
Americans by Robert Frank $39.95 50th Anniversary Edition
Inner Order Teachings of the Golden Dawn $24.95
Upon Arrival by Paula Cisewski $11.95
Holy Land by Rauan Klassnik $12.95

Porn and Erotica
Black Order Cometh DVD staring the Satanic Sluts $20.00
Big Penis Book $59.99 Coffee Table book of Men’s Junk!
Sleeping with Money by Barbara Katagiri $8.95 Manga style erotic fiction,
Handjob Handbook $12.95 A Work on Non Friction
No Mans Land HC by Ruth Fowler $24.95


Journal by Jeremy Tinder $12.00
Bacon Floss Waxed $4.00
Bacon Lunch Box $18.99
Finger Pirates $.75
Wine and Dine $7.50 18 Temporary Tattoos For Food Lovers