New Stuff

Happy hols!



Inner Swine vol 15 #3 and #4 $2.00

Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock #1 $2.50

Fae Says by Ben Bertin $5.00

Sex Gender Identity Orientation and Discrimination by Dan Copulsky $.10

Plastic Knife #3 $2.00

Arty Books

Love is a Certain Kind of Flower by Stephanie Brooks (Green Lantern) $10.00

Beautiful Decay Book 2 What A Mess $20.00

British Design 2010 Branding and Graphic Design Packaging Design New Media (Bis) $59.00


Mojo Snake Minuet by John Litweiler $15.00

Fascia by Ashley Donielle Murray (Green Lantern Press) $20.00

So Much Better by Terri Griffith (Greeen Lantern Press) $20.00

Graphic Novels

Gahan Wilson Fifty Years of Playboy Cartoons by Gahan Wilson (Fantagraphics) $125.00

Art of Ditko, ed. by Craig Yoe (IDW) $29.99

Crossing the Empty Quarter and Other Stories by Carol Swain (Dark Horse) $24.95

One Model Nation TPB by Allbriton Taylor and var. (Image) $17.99

Footnotes In Gaza by Joe Sacco (Met) $29.95

Comics, Comix, Mini-Comix:

Oubliette the Pyramid by Kenan Rubenstein $1.00

Talk Nerdy to Me by Maris Wicks $4.00

Tall Poppy by Rob Steinberg $3.50

Mags and Lit Journals:

Wallpaper Jan 2010 $9.50

Bizarre #157 $10.50

Juxtapoz #108 Jan 10 $5.99

Scootering #282 $7.99

Literary Review vol 53 #1 $7.00

Concisely Magazine of Short Prose #1 $3.00

First Line vol 11 #4 Win 09 $3.00

Tattoo Society #19 $7.99

Chap Books

Six By Six #19 Bite Off The Head $5.00

Effigy #2 by Matt Whispers $3.00

Other Stuff:

Soup and Bread Cookbook, ed. by Martha Bayne and var. $20.00 – A companion to the Hideout soup events!

Grimmer Tales A Wicked Collection of Happily Never After Stories by Erik Bergstrom (Plume) $16.00

Psychick Bible Thee Book and DVD w/ Genesis Breyer Porridge (Feral House) $69.00

Assorted t-shirts designed by John Campbell of Pictures For Sad Children fame. $18.00

And don’t forget, until Jan 1st, if you spend $75.00 or more in one stop in the store, you get a free Quimby’s totebag!