New Stuff 8/30/2008!

Big weekend, the traditional end of summer and start of the slide or fall, as you will, into winter. Lots of out of towners rolling through, the kids are back in school and gladiator sandals will finally be out of fashion. Now if only we could convince the wicker park hip moms that doublewide strollers in the city are kind of a nuisance life would be good. Anyway here is the new stuff

New Stuff Aug 30th 2008

Ugly Things #27
Venus Zine #37 Fall 2008 $4.50
IDN vol 15 #4 $15.00
Tattoo Energy #54 $6.99
Brightside Up $3.00 Healthful Coloring Book
AdHoc Foxtrot Vol 1 #1 Flight $9.95
Wallpaper Sep 08 $8.95
Noise Fanzine #1 $2.00 Hardcore Deluxe
Green Parent Aug Sep 08 $11.49
Society for Salvific Love and Night Vision #1 $1.11
Gonzo Parenting Vol 1 #1 Sum 08 $2.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Americas Best Comics Primer $4.99 Nice sampler to get you started
Dororo Vol 3 by Osamu Tezuka $13.95
Jack of Fables #25 $2.99
Slow Storm by Danica Novgorodoff $17.95
All Star Super Man Vol 1 TP by Grant Morrison $12.99 Yeah you want it.
Moth or the Flame $15.00
Polyglot & Spleen #7 $3.99

New Books
Sweet Wishes by Mark Ryden and Marion Peck $20.00
Wax Poetics Anthology Vol 2 $39.95
Taking On The System $23.95 Rules For Radical Change In A Digital Era
Cringe $22.95 Teenage diaries journals notes etc!
Simply Pattern $39.95 New from Victionary!
Crime HC by Irvine Welsh $24.95
Musikraphics Visualizing The Rhythm of Music $39.95
Knock Down Knits $19.99
Sacrificial Circumcision of the Bronx by Arthur Neresian $22.95
Party of the First Party $16.00 Curious World of Legalese $16.00
Promenade of the Gods by Koji Suzuki $24.95
Ghost Wars $18.00 CIA madness but so real
On the Road by Kerouac $16.00 the OG scroll, relive your teens years uncensored
Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends $14.00 an almanac of random drug info!
Almanac of Political Corruption Scandals and Dirty Politics $14.00
My Lobotomy by Howard Dully $13.95
Great American Attraction $13.95 American Festivals as seen by two Brits
Swap by Anthony Moore $11.00
Working Hard Drinking Hard by Adrienne Pine $20.00
Dear Diary by Leslie Arfin $14.00 Now in soft cover.
Lily Allen $15.95 Living Dangerously, really, Lilly Allen is thug?
Duran Duran Notorious $15.95 Unauthorized Biography
Once Upon a Time Paintings Drawings and Tall Tales by Jeremy Fish $49.95
Icarus at the Edge of Time by Brian Greene $19.95
Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway $25.95
Book of Animal Ignorance Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong $19.95
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin $15.00 Now in soft cover

Porn and Erotica
Spread vol 4 #2 $5.95
Marquis #44 $19.00
AG #87 Super Erotic Anthology Comic $4.99
Nude and Natural Aut 08 $9.00

Gifts and Stuff
Wake Up 2008 Calendar by Nikki McClure $16.00
Jeremy Tinder Greeting Card $3.00
Whack A Zombie $6.95 Just Like it Sounds