New Stuff December 1st!

Wow the season is officially upon us, we got Hanukkah cookies stacked deep at the register and full beards on our faces to brace for the Chicago cold. Lets do this!

New Stuff Dec 1st

Venus Zine #34 Win 07 $4.50
Titty City #2 $10.00 is it porn or a zine of tittys? You decide!
Veneer #02 $24.00 Amazing art & culture magazine
Johnny America #5 $8.00 Wow new issue of one of our favorites!
Anthem #31 $5.95

Comics & Graphic Novels
World War 3 Illustrated #38 Facts On the Ground $5.00
New Tales of Old Palomar #3 $7.95
Speak of the Devil #3 $3.50
Zombie Tales $14.99
Daybreak Episode 2 by Brian Ralph $10.00
Testament vol 3 Babel TPB $12.99
Betsy and Me by Jack Cole $14.95
It Ate Billy On Christmas by Roman Dirge $12.95

New Books
Haeckels Art Forms In Nature CDROM and Book $24.95 now with CD!
Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama $14.95
Infernal Device Machinery of Torture and Execution $14.95

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Best Women’s Erotica 08 $14.95
2008 Ultimate Gay Erotica $15.95
Blowjob #22 $3.95
AG #70 Super Erotic Anthology $4.99

Is Ok Sign by Sighn $20.00 Limited Edition Art made of wood!
Whorl Wind 2008 Calendar $24.00 Leif Goldberg does it again! Amazing!
Postal Cards Set National Waste $6.00 Only a few of these don’t sleep!
Titty City #2 $10.00 Boobs in the wild!

Restocks! WHOA!
Phoenix books all volumes by Tezuka! This is a great series!
Transit Maps of the World $25.00
Jeff Brown Books and Comics!
Persepolis Compilation book! Great gift!
I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets by Fletcher Hanks $19.95
Misshapes $25.00 Perfect for your coked out younger sister!
Wall & Piece by Banksy $22.95
World War Z SC $14.95 Zombies just won’t die!
Lords of Chaos $18.95 Christmas Classic!
Maps of Imagination $22.95
Veganomicon $27.50
Anarchy and Alchemy $19.95
Eye Mind $22.95 Rory Ekickson book, hot book
Naked Girls Smoking Weed $29.95 exactly what you expect this to be!