New Stuff This Week


Burn Collector #14 by Al Burian $8.00 – Yes! It’s true. A new issue.

Cometbus #53 by Aaron Cometbus $3.00 – Also yes! Also it’s true! A new issue.

Bad Reputation: Performances Essays Interviews by Penny Arcade (Semiotexte) $19.95 – From the beat-era artist.

Ray Caesar Art Collection vol 1 (Murphy Design) $54.00 – Appealing to the lowbrow Mark Ryden-y types.

Storm Clouds by Jeff Soto (Murphy Design) $41.00 – See description above.

Well Actually by Andy Burkholder $1.00 – From the mini comics artist of such mono- and bi-syllabic titles such as OK, No, Thinking, What and Dogshed.

Neil Jam Book by Neil Fitzpatrick $1300 – Selected shorts of #11-17 as well as new material from local comics artist.

Electric Literature #1 Sum 09 and Electirc Literature #2 Fall 09 by Adam Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum. $9.95 each. Lit journal outta Brooklyn.

Electric Ant #2 Exquisite Corpses $12.00 – A zine. Not to be confused with the above title.

Driven By Lemons by Josh W. Cotter (Adhouse) $19.95 – Sketchbookish material from local artist behind Skyscrapers of the Midwest.

Blammo #4 by Noah Van Sciver $4.00

Famous Hairdos of Popular Music vol 3 Morrissey $3.00

Murder and Mayhem in Chicagos Vice Districts by Troy Taylor (the History Press) $19.99 – And don’t miss Troy Taylor’s other cardinal direction titles such as Murder and Mayhem on Chicagos South Side.

Untitled II: The Beautiful Renaissance, Street Art and Graffiti by Gary Shove (ProActif) $19.95 – Artists featured include Miss Van, Dan Witz, Ron English, Obey, Banksy, Blek le Rat, Swoon, Os Gemeos, and Herakut.

Colour Mania (Victionary) $39.99 – Colour Mania brings together an eclectic group of talented designers who have one thing in common: they are artists who simply can’t get enough of one particular color – be that red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black or white.

Mural Art vol 2: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe L’Oeil by Kiriakos Iosifidis (Publikat) $45.00

Flash Back Retro Design in Contemporary Graphics (Victionary) $39.99

Juxtapoz Dark Arts, ed. by Diana Weber (Gingko) $29.95 – These works compiled by Juxtapoz features today’s most talented dark artists who feature such dark things in their work such as gothic subculture, the metaphysical, the disturbing or the nightmarish.

Juxtapoz Photo, ed. by M Revelli (Gingko) $29.95

Upper Playground 10 Years T Shirt Graphics, ed. by Evan Pircco (Gingko) $39.95

Design Play: An Array of Quirky Design by Victor Cheung (Victionary) $39.95

Red Snow by Susumu Katsumata (Drawn & Quarterly) $24.95 – Katsumata draws and writes about the lives of peasants and farmers from his native region in the Japanese countryside of his youth, struggling to survive the harsh seasons and the difficult life of manual laborers and farmers.

Suicide Collectors by David Oppegaard (St. Martins) $14.99 – Apocalyptic dystopian fiction.

Updated hard cover editions of each of the books in Dale Pendell’s Pharmako trilogy (North Atlantic Books), encyclopedic studies of the history and uses of psychoactive plants and related synthetics first published between 1995 and 2005. Beautifully designed and illustrated, $35.00 each:

Pharmako Poeia: Power Plants Poisons and Herbcraft

Pharmako Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path

Pharmako Dynamis: Stimulating Plants Potions and Herbcraft

Bitch #45 $5.95

Juxtapoz #107 Dec 09 $5.99

Bust Dec 09 Jan 10 $4.99

Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green (McSweeneys) $29.99 – Autobiographical graphic novel about Binky Brown as a teenage Catholic, struggeling with religion and his own adolescent  neuroses. With an introduction by Art Spiegelman.

On Lives Subway Supplement by Michael Parish $4.99

Trnsfr vol 1 #1 Sep Oct 09 by Alan Fischer $7.00 – First issue of this art mag.

Proof I Exist #10 Nov 09 $2.00 – Billy is still crankin’ ’em out!

Michael Jacksons Masculinity by Yasmin $3.00 – Tackeling the heavy issues.

Razorcake #53 $4.00

Bizarre #156 Dec 09 $10.50

Escapists by Brian Vaughan and Michael Chabon (Dark Horse) $14.95

Pictures That Tick Short Narrative Book 1 by Dave McKean (Dark Horse) $19.95

RASL Starter Pack by Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books) $14.00 – Includes Issues 1 through 5 and tattoos!

Year of Living Dangerously by Ted Rall Pablo Callejo (NBM) $18.95

Final Flesh DVD (Drag City) $16.00 – THE big inevitable BOMB is about to land on a family of three, throwing the very fabric of their balls to the wall…reality howls for mercy…fear strangles terror…the bones of the air shatter into fire. Just some light chick flick viewing.

Subvert Reality by Dan Gleason $2.00

Monday Night Journal of New Lit #8 by Jessica Wikens and Rob Pierce $3.00

Fallen Books by Dubbin and Davidson (Onestar) $40.00 – For book lovers, Fallen Books will have the grim fascination of a car wreck or crime scene. It collects photographs of toppled books and bookcases from libraries in seismically active areas, organized chronologically with the cool appraising eye of a mortician, with captions from newspapers or librarian’s notes, and with the pages for each incident color-coded according to the Mercalli Scale.

Signs of the City: Metropolis Speaking by Rudolf Netzelmann, Peter Winkles, and Stefan Horn (Jovis) $45.00 – Artists process city documentation of notices, posters, graffiti or advertising submitted by people in Barcelona, Berlin, London and Sofia via cells phones and GPS. Like Brant’s Weather Photos on the news, only more high brow.

Culture Nature: Art and Philosophy In The Context of Urban Development by Anke Haarmann (Jovis) $28.00 – This volume documents a series of events that took place in the summer of 2008 as part of the Summer on the Elbinsel festival in Wihelmsburg, Austria, which boasted a diverse group of international artists, including Critical Art Ensemble, Mike Davis, Lisa Heldke, and more. Their aim is to use sustainable artistic methods to reflect an urban response to climate change.

Monsters by Maria Roosen (Valiz) $29.95 – Breasts, silver mushrooms, a melancholy fir tree, giant slippers, a water tower with a crazy red wig, pricks dangling from a string, milk cans: these are a sampling from the ten works that Maria Roosen has chosen for this substantial volume.

Space Vampires by Colin Wilson (Monkfish) $12.95

Men: Twenty Five Years in Photographs (Alyson) $29.95 – Sexy photos. Of men. Sometimes on a motorcycle.

Sisterhood of the Rose: The Recollections of Celeste Levesque by Jim Marrs (Disinfo) $24.95 – The first novel from outer-limits conspiracy buff Marrs, using his factual research into the Nazis’ fascination with the occult and their search for iconic treasures as a basis for the novel.

Late Work of Margaret Krofits by Mark Gluth (Akashic) $14.95

Trash: A Queer Film Classic by Jon Davies (Arsenal) $14.95

Lam of Desire: A Queer Film Classic by Jose Quiroga (Arsenal) $14.95

Tattooed Lady: A History, ed. by Amelia Klem Osterud (Speck) $27.00

Fan Letters To a Stripper: A Patti Waggin Tale by Bob Brill (Schiffer) $49.99

Piece Meal by Nate Beaty $4.00

These Yams Are Delicious by Sam Sharpe $4.00

New Americans by Josh Journey Heinz $30.00

Somnambulist #15 by Martha Grover $3.00

Adventures of my Life Spring Semester 09 Issue #1 by Adam Matthew Roob $3.00

Sweet Tomb by Trinie Dalton $8.00

Visible Rooster Jack #1 by Hanesen, Zmith and Witty $4.00

Forty Four Presidents by Sputnik (Garrett County Press) $12.95

Simple History Series #5: Hawaii 1778 to 1959 From Western Discovery to Statehood by J. Gerlach $2.50

Pencil Writing zine by Jerstin Crosby $3.00