New Stuff This Week

Pacific Ocean ParkPacific Ocean Park the Rise and Fall of Los Angeles Space Age Nautical Pleasure by Christopher Merritt & Domenic Priore (Process) $34.95 – As a family-oriented attraction in the ’50s with modernist-styled rides designed by Hollywood’s best, located at the dividing line between Santa Monica and Venice. This book includes hundreds of images, most of them unseen elsewhere, including original ride designs and illustrations, including Tiki-rich, space age, and nautical rides.

Zines & Zine-Related
Cat Lover #1 a Collection of Kitties by Kernan Dunn $8.00
Next Stop Adventure, The Book by Matt Gauck (Pioneers Press) $8.00
Dangerous Damsels Feminist Fairy Tales  by Sarah Rose $4.00
Sad Kid Solidarity #1 So How Was Your Day $3.00
KerBloom #108 May Jun 14 by Artnoose $2.00
How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution (American Association of Patriots Presents) $2.00

Comics & Comics-Related
Hairless Who #2 by Joe Tallarico $6.00
See Thru Cement by Mathyou Landvote $5.00
Revulsion Comics #1  by Claire Donner et al. $5.00
Felony Comics #1 by Benjamin Marra et al. (Negative Pleasure Publications) $6.00
DKW Ditko Kirby Wood by Sergio Ponchione (Fantagraphics) $4.99
Cosplayers #2 Tezukon by Dash Shaw  (Fantagraphics) $5.00
Dinosaur Sheriff #1 and #2 by Will Porter $4.00 each
Wicked Vibes #2 by Dillon Hallen (Fizz Comics) $4.00 – 52 Page Sized Spectacular!
Dormitory by Conor Stechschulte $17.00
Tormentor Comics #1 by Christopher Guida $2.00 and #2 $3.00
Item Shop by Sean Mac $3.00
Bear Pit 4 Other $5.00
Bestiary FBR by Alan D. Caesar (Downfall Arts) $12.00
Muahahaha by Jenn Liv $8.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Moomin vol 9 by Lars Jansson (D&Q) $19.95
Henry and Glenn TPB Forever and Ever by Tom Neely and Igloo Tornado Friends (Microcosm) $17.95
Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me by Harvey Pekar and JT Waldman $16.00 – Now in soft cover.
Wonton Soup the Collected Edition by James Stokoe (Oni) $19.99
Art of Sin City by Frank Miller (Dark Horse) $25.00
Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang (First Second) $17.99
How the World Was: A California Childhood by Emmanuel Guibert (First Second) $29.99
Forming vol 2 by Jesse Moynihan (Nobrow) $30.00

Art Books
Ghost Nature by Erik Bullot $20.00
Emergency by Leidy Churchman $20.00
Herstory Inventory 100 Feminist Drawings by 100 Artists by Ulrike Muller $45.00
Make Your Mark: The Art of Martin LaCasse by Martin LaCasse $50.00
Tattoo Activity Book by Sara Rosenbaum (Dokument Press) $9.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem
Nan Domi: An Initiate’s Journey into Haitian Vodou by Mimerose Beaubrun, D.J. Walker and Madison Smartt Bell (City Lights) $16.95
Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer by Matthew Gavin Frank $22.95
Tales From Langley: The CIA From Truman To Obama by Peter Kross (Adventures Unlmtd) $19.95
Moonshine, A Cultural History of Americas Infamous Liquor by Jaime Joyce $25.00

I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman $16.00 – Now in soft cover.
Dumbo: The Unauthorized Biography Of a Victorian Sensation by John Sutherland $23.99

Politics & Revolution
The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975 by Göran Olsson (Haymarket) $21.95
Undoing Border Imperialism (Anarchist Interventions #6) by Walia and Smith (AK Press) $16.00
Marx’s Das Kapital, Illustrated Updated Edition $15.00
Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism (Historical Materialism Book Series) by Peter Hudis (Haymarket) $28.00

Music Books
Copycat and A Litter of Other Cats: A Very Important Book by David Yow (of Jesus Lizard) (Akashic Books) $60.00 – COMES WITH WITH TSHIRT AND PRINT!!! Everything is signed!!!
Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyonce by Bob Stanley $29.95
Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James $26.00

This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs by C. W. Neill $15.00

Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? by Dave Eggers $25.95 (McSweeneys/Random House) $25.95 – The story of a kidnapped astronaut who wakes up at an abandoned military base.
When Lightning Strikes by Jessica Moen $9.00
Welcome Distractions by Michael Wilde $13.95
Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett $16.00
How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer $25.99
Motor City by Bill Morris $24.95

Uppercase #22 A Magazine For the Creative and Curious $18.00
Backwoodsman vol 35 #4 Jul Aug 14 $4.95
True Crime Jun 14 $8.99
Fuel #16 Magazine $16.99
Rue Morgue # 146 July 14 $9.95
Fader #92 Jun Jul 14 Summer Music  $5.99
Internationalist #37 $.50

Lit Journals
Literary Review vol 57 #2 Spr 14 Game Theory $8.00

By Kids
Even a Lion Can Get Lost in the Jungle by the students of 826CHI/Harvard School of Excellence and Audrey Petty $15.00