New Stuff This Week

Reading Is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental


Poltics Is Not a Banana: The Journal of Vulgar Discourse/What Are You Doing After the Orgy Or the Insurrection Or Whatever? by The Institute For Experimental Freedom $10.00

Places Were Not From $1.75

Its Your Turn Now by the Green Lantern Press $5.00

Uncle Envelope #14 Help Me Finish This by Dina Kelberman $4.50


Clops by Devin King and Brian McNearney (Green Lantern Press) $10.00

Concrete of Tight Places by Justin Andrews (Green Lantern Press) $20.00

Season in Hell by Arthur Rimbaud and Nick Sarno (Green Lantern Press) $20.00

Eat When You Feel Sad by Zachary German (Melville House) $14.95

Order of Odd Fish SC by James Kennedy (Random House) $7.99

Lit Mags and Chap Books

Logan Square Literary Review #2 Win 10 $5.00

Believer #69 Feb 10 Limerence $8.00

Electric Literature #3 Win 10 $9.95 – With work from Aimee Bender, Rick Moody, Patrick DeWitt, Jenny Offill, Matt Sumell. Plug in! 120pp, b&w.

Politics & Philosophy

Adbusters #88 Mar/Apr 10 $8.95

The Point #2 Win 10 $12.00

Music Mags

Mojo Mar 10 $9.99

XLR8R #131 $4.99

Outer Limits Stuff

Fortean Times #258 Mar 10 $11.99

Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History by David Aaronovitch $26.95

Disaster: A History of Earthquakes, Floods, Plagues and Other Catastrophies HC by John Withington (Skyhorse) $24.95

Jack the Ripper’s Secret of Confession: The Hidden Testimony of Britians First by David Monaghan and Nigel Cawthorne (Skyhorse) $24.95

Street Legends vol 2 by Seth Ferranti (Gorilla Convict Publications) $15.00

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls the Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper With Humanity (Bear) $28.00

Chasing the White Dog: Amateur Outlaws Adventures In Moonshine HC by Max Watman (Simon) $25.00

Lifestyle/Culture Mags

Tokion vol 3 #3 $6.9

Skin Art #131 $6.99

High Times Apr 10 $5.99

Comics/Comix/Graphic Novels/Minis

All Star Superman vol 2 TPB by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly (Vertigo) $15.99

Preacher Book Two HC by Garth Ennis (Vertigo) $39.99

From the Ashes TPB vol 1 by Bob FIngerman (IDW) $19.99

Hicksville Definitive Edition by Dylan Horrocks (DQ) $19.95

Big Bad Book TPB by Jajic etc. (Alterna) $11.99

King A Comics Biography The Special Edition HC by Ho Che Anderson (Fantagraphics) $34.99

Newave: The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s HC by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Chocolate Cheeks A Yikes Book of Comics by Steven Weissman (Fantagraphics) $16.99

Crestfallen #2 Sandra Sierra $3.00 –  What part of “No Means No” do nightmares not understand?

DIY Books

Mason Dixon Knitting the Curious Knitters Guide SC by Kay Gardiner (Clarkson Potter) $22.99

Built by Wendy Dresses the Sew U Guide to Making a Girls Best Frock by Wendy Mullin etc. (Clarkson Potter) $27.50

62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer and other Discarded Electronics by Randy Sarafan $14.95


Pinups #11 Dominic $14.00 – Pinups, for the uninitiated, is some high-grade otter/bear smut. Flip through this issue and learn a little  about Dominic’s  yoga  routine.  Dare to disassemble the booklet and you have all the pieces to reassemble a giant wall-size Dominic poster. Glorious!