New Stuff This Week

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Big Sassy Piece #1 by Nicki Yowell $4.00

Future Obligations: A Small Collection Of Recent Drawings by Ben Chlapek $10.00

Sinew that Shrinks #2 by Jenna Brager $3.00

Judas Goat Quarterly #66 Sum 15 $1.50

Lazy Mom Easy Yum $10.00 – The weirdest food photos you ever did see.

Low Level #4 Cold Like Winter Used To Be $2.00

Gabbie $5.00

Not For You Stories Of Music and Work From the Precarious Service Industry by Matt Dineen $5.00

not for you
Mini Comics

In The Garden Of Evil by Charles Burns (Pigeon Press) $50.00 – Limited Edition of 1000 copies, Signed and Numbered. Includes flexi-disc and download with exclusive Will Oldham song!

Absolute Tragedy by Connor Dabbs $2.50

How To Draw Comics The Ladydrawers Way by Anne Elizabeth Moore, Janelle Asselin, Nicole Boyett $7.00 – With Franny Howes, Delia Jean, Terri Kapsalis, Sheika Lugtu, Mardou, Melissa Mendes, Ray Swanson & Esther Pearl Watson!

How to Draw Comics the Ladydrawers Way
Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Worst Behavior (Jail Cells) by Simon Hanselmann (Pigeon Press) $12.00
Art Books

Street Messages by Nicholas Ganz (Dokument Press) #29.95

Enchanted Forest 20 Postcards by Johanna Basford $9.95

Chinkstar by Jon Chan Simpson (Coach House Books) $18.95

Pulp vs the Throne by Carrie Lorig (Artifice Books) $15.95
Music Books

Morrissey FAQ: All That’s Left To Know About this Charming Man by D. Mickinney $24.99

On Writing by Charles Bukowski $25.99 – Sharing his insights on the art of creation.
Politics & Revolution

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates $24.00

Materiel #3 $10.00 – Edmar Enterprises & friends!

Soiled #5 Cloudscapes $15.00

Mojo #261 Aug 15 The Who $10.50

Grunge’n’Art #3 A Contrast Between Elegance and Grunge $21.95 – For real, this is a real magazine.