New Stuff This Week


Last Night at the Casino #12 Mar 17 by Billy $3.00

Absolute Hyperbole by Elora Williams $20.00

Great Catholics zine #1 by Matt Runkle $10.00

Allergy Season #3 by Tanner Ballengee $5.00

Manic Abstract Photo Zine $6.00

New stuff from Pioneers Press:
Donald Trump Almost Ate My Brain by Kurt Morris $4.00
Are You There Brian, It’s Me Moisturizer: Skincare For Spooky Kids by Julia Eff $3.00
Zine Design: Intro Tips for Comic Zines by Rayne Klar $2.50
Witch Tips For Spells or Whatever by Rayne Klar $5.00
Get Shit Done a Week Long To Do List and Planner $3.00
Gayzette #2 Women Loving Women an MHS GSA zine $3.00
Lady Bits: A Zine for Vagina Havers Anatomy Menstruation Birth Control by Rachel Rolseth $7.50
Endometriosis Its the End of the World As We Know It $2.00
Wherever We End Up a Pioneers Press Exclusive by Billy Roberts $1.00
Hex Your Ex: A Collection of Spells to Get Back At Or With That Fucker $5.00

Barely Legal #2 The Daily Drawings of a Law Firms Desk Jockey by Hannah Chavez $3.00 – The second installment! Post-it notes and lined paper filled with perfectly crude ball point pen drawings of melting eyeballs and existential pontifications. Chavez shares darkly humorous vignettes of the crushing monotony of the cubicle workers day to day experience. ~CH

Femme Frick Part 1 the Bare Beginning by Laramie Moser $3.00

Sonic Meditations by Ten Deep Listeners (Temporary Services) $6.00

CHIPRC zines $2.00 each
Spooky Comics #1 by CHIPRC Drink n Draw
Why Bother A CHIPRC Drawing Zine


Sugar Sweet Stars By Yuliya Kholodenko $5.00

Fifty Flip Experiment #19 Mar 17 by Dan Hill $6.00

I’m So Punk a Comic About Shitty Punk Boys by Caroline $4.50

Slang Pictorial #1 & #2 by Nick Prolix $4.99 each

Spectress #0 Preview Issue $3.00

Our Fair City comics, issues #1-#5 $10.00 each


A Treasury of XX Century Murder Compendium I: Including The Lindbergh Child, The Axe-Man of New Orleans, and Madison Square Tragedy by Rick Geary $27.99

The Interview by Manuele Fior $24.99 – Weird triangles appear, a group of young cult types, a psychic. What else could you ask for in Italy in the year 2048?

Fire!!: The Zora Neale Hurston Story by Peter Bagge $21.95

A Process of Drastically Reducing One’s Expectations by Gabby Schulz $14.99

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir by Thi Bui $24.95

White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine by Mohammad Sabaaneh, with a Foreward by and Seth Tobocman $19.95

Nat Turner by Kyle Baker $18.95

The Draw Of Sport by Murray Olderman (Fantagraphics) $24.99


Weak Messages Create Bad Situations: A Manifesto by David Shrigley $35.00


Pirate Women: The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas by Laura Sook Duncombe $26.99

Ugly Prey: An Innocent Woman and the Death Sentence That Scandalized Jazz Age Chicago by Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi $26.99


Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie by Sean Egan $18.99 – Now in soft cover.

Everybody Had an Ocean: Music and Mayhem in 1960s Los Angeles by William McKeen $26.99

Damn Son Where Did You Find This?: A Book about US Hiphop Mixtape Cover Art by Tobias Hansson and Michael Thorsby $40.00


Sex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century by Geoffrey R. Stone $35.00

Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual by Jeremy Brecher (PM Press) $12.95

Organizing Cools the Planet: Tools and Reflections on Navigating the Climate Crisis (PM Pamphlet) by Joshua Kahn Russell and Hilary Moore


Book of Mutter (Semiotext(e)/Native Agents) by Kate Zambreno $17.95


Bust #104 Apr May 17 $6.99


Fields Magazine #7 Spr Sum 17 $14.00

Ninth Letter vol 13 #2 Fall Win 16 $14.95

The Point #13 Win 17 Midwestworld A Contry Is A Country $14.99

Sobotka Literary Magazine #5 Fall Win 16 $10.00

Mighty Stranger by Daniel Pujol $10.00

Gutterboy Rides Again by CT McGaha $8.00


Meat Berlin Issue $20.00