New Stuff This Week

Finally! Our AC is fixed. Just in time for it to sound like the apocalypse with the Air and Water Show in Chicago.


Here’s New Stuff!

People I’ve Slept With #2 by Hannah Miller $4.00
Still Warm #1 The Post Incubation Issue by Hannah Miller and Frankie Pan $5.00
Bangor Photo Zine by Sarah Sorg $7.50
Broken Pencil: Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts #48 DIY Issue $5.95
Various zines from Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd!!: Fliptard #1 When You Work Together It Works $4.00, Beauty Across America $5.00, Vegas Pack: 2 Mini Zines From The Nostalgic Memories Series $5.00, Butts And Crotches $3.00, Disneyland Deaths $2.00, Hero Land #s 1-6 $4.00 each, Erric Parris World #1 Bands Fashion Gangs $5.00
Serial Killers Unite #3 $1.00
Unedited Repititions by Leslie Everhart $4.80
Uh Yeah $86 27 Open Close $5.65
Video Game Trick and Two Pots 4.23 Lideo Rideo $5.65
Cat Cat Cat $25 00 Blur Vision Is Only One of the Signs $5.65
Put a Egg On It Tasty Zine #2 Sum 10 by Ralph McGinnis and Sarah Keough $5.00 – When you up and get over your omnivore’s dilemma, Put A Egg On It will be right here waiting for you! Issue #2 is a brassy ode to hearty comfort food including a write up of one of my favorite diners, the Haven Brother’s Food Truck. Plenty of beyond delishus looking photos of homemade lasagne and beef stew all lit up brighter with saucy illustrations by Aaron Renier, who’s some kinda genius when it comes to drawing faces on okra. Double Yum. -EF
South Side Chicago Anti Racist Action July 31 2010 Zine $2.00 – If you wanna kick some Nazi ass, this zine is namin’ names.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #13 $3.99
Heavy Metal Sep 10 $6.95
Spider Who Had Arachnophopia by Xenia O’Keefe James $2.00
Lake Shore Drive by Riverser $3.00
To All the Good People I’ll Never Be Friends With $1.00
I Don’t Understand Farming #2 $.50
Into The Woods by Lisa Cline $1.00
Call All My Dawgs #5 by Sam Gaskin $2.00
Big Title #1: A Comic About Pro Wrestling by Alec Lewellyn $4.00
Reach #1 by Ron DelVillano $.75 – For any person who wishes giant tentacles would swoop up from the earth and violently terminate obnoxious assholes, this mini goes out to you, my friend! -EF
You Don’t Get There From Here #15 by Carrie McNinch $2.00 – Back for more? Plenty of YDGTFH core concepts here, especially running in the hills and fighting the blues. I’m seeing a lot more acupuncture sneeking in too, and if you ever want to think about all the the great foods of Los Angeles you miss, this issue might rekindle a few old flames. -EF
Big Sexy (Trees & Hills Comic Group) $6.00 – A True Porn-style anthology minicomic that takes time to indulge in some flights of fancy as well.

Shelter: A Trees and Hills Anthology (Trees & Hills Comic Group) $4.00
Play A Trees and Hills Anthology (Trees & Hills Comic Group) $5.00
Seeds an Anthology of Comics About Food (Trees & Hills Comic Group) $5.00
Morgenmuffel #17 Late 08 Cartoons and Rants by Isy $2.00 – A nice comic book account of a British radical vegan anarchist traipsing the US West Coast, hugging redwoods and figuring out biscuits and gravy. -EF
Rum Muffel A Rumlad Morgenmuffel Collaboration $2.00
Animania #1 by Monica Ray $2.00

Stories from the Asphalt by John Sparger $12.95
Letters to Emma Bowlcut by Bill Callahan (Drag City) $12.98 – Fiction from former Chicagoan also known as the band Smog.
I Remember by Joe Brainard (Granary) $14.95 – Out of print for a decade, these are memoirs of the artist and writer who died of AIDS.
Code Name Kalistrat: Secrets Of The Rosenberg Spy Case by Arno Baker (Enigma) $15.00 – Historical fiction of the Cold War espionage thriller sort.
It Feels So Good When I Stop by Joe Pernice (Riverhead) $15.00 – “One can accept, reluctantly, Pernice’s apparently inexhaustible ability to knock out brilliant three-minute pop songs-Just about any Pernice Brothers record contains half a dozen tunes comparable to Elvis Costello’s best work. But now it turns out he can write fiction too, and so envy and bitterness become unavoidable.” -Nick Hornby, The Believer
Generosity: An Enhancement by Richard Powers (Picador) $15.00 – This book is the fictioanal story of a Chicago-based creative non-fiction writer, once pursued by NPR talk shiw hosts, is washed up and lonely. And he’s only in his early thirties. He takes a writing class teaching gig and is taken with a woman who may possess a gene that makes her insanely happy. I would like to read this. Book group anyone? -LM
Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell (Holt) $15.00
Sporeville: The Wellborn Conspiracy by Paul Marlowe (Sybertooth) $10.95 – OK, so this novel is a little older but we just got it in. It falls into the “new weird”, a.k.a. speculative fiction genre. For fans of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Gothic literature, science fiction, fantasy and history. What’s in it? Sleepwalkers, mushrooms, jars of eyes. Maybe some werewolves too. -LM

Pariah by Bob Fingerman (Tor) $14.95 – Zombies in NYC. More text than usual for this artist.
Felix The Cat: The Great Comic Book Tails by Otto Messmer, ed. by Craig Yoe (IDW) $34.99
Big Book O’Ditko by Steve Ditko (Pure Imagination) $25.00
Another Suburban Romance TPB by Alan Moore etc. (Avatar) $2.00 – Because Alan Moore is so suburban.
Unwritten vol 2: Inside Man TPB by Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Vertigo) $12.99
Unsinkable Walker Bean by Aaron Renier (First Second) $13.99 – Don’t miss Aaron Renier’s event here at Quimby’s to celebrate the release of this wonderful book on Thursday, August 26th, 7pm!
John Stanley Library – Nancy HC vol 2 by John Stanley (D+Q) $29.95 – Nancy, the world’s weirdest looking little kid, is once again put at the mercy of John Stanley’s whimsical whims. It seems no matter how much Aunt Fritzi chides her, the kid just can’t help bustin’ out the hijinx all over the place. -EF
Eden by Pablo Holmberg (D+Q) $16.95
Tank Girl Skidmarks TPB by Alan Martin etc. (Titan) $16.95
Brain Camp: A Summer at Camp Fielding Will Really Change You by Susan Kim etc. (First Second) $16.99
Indoor Voice by Jillian Tamaki (D+Q) $19.95 – Part of Drawn and Quarterly’s Petit Livre book series. Gestural and inky, Tamaki dissects some of her illustration process and throws in some nice comics to boot.
War Is Boring: Bored Stiff Scared to Death in the Worlds Worst War Zones by David Axe and Matt Bors (New American Library) $12.95

Weirdo Noir Gothic and Dark Lowbrow Art, ed. by Matt Dukes Jordan (Chronicle) $24.95 – Now in soft cover for an affordable price.
Made For Skate: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear by var. (FauxAmi) $29.95 – Now in soft cover.
Blackbook Sessions #4 Stylefile Sketches Scribbles FullColorBlackBookStyles (Publikat) $24.95 – New volume of this street art publication.
Photobooth Dogs by Cameron Woo (Chronicle) $14.95 – Exactly what the name says. And some of the dogs are tiny!
There Are Many of Us: A Companion to the Short Film I’m Here by Spike Jonze (McSweeneys) $35.00 – Includes the complete thirty minute film and soundtrack plus bonus materials, DVD and CD.
Drawings by Marcel Dzama, From The Bernardi Collection (DAP) $35.00 – An old book, but one that we are glad to finally get of this playful artist. -LM
Cemetery of Reason by Ed Templeton (SMAK) $39.95 – The next art book from this skater-artist-photographer.
Diaries of a Young Artist by Ellen Altfest, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin (Darte) $15.00
Glastonbury Another Stage by Venetia Dearden (Kehrer) $50.00

Eye Magazine #76 Sum 10 $30.00
Swallow Magazine The Trans-Siberian Issue $25.00
Fortean Times #265 Sep 10 $11.99
Taps paraMagazine vol 6 #4 $5.95
High Times Oct 10 $5.99
Scootering #290 $8.99
Hyphen #21 Fall 10 $4.95
Whore Magazine #1 Sum 10 $12.00
Dazed & Confused #88 Aug 10 $9.95
Wire #318 Aug 10 $10.99
Ghetto Blaster #25 $3.95
Under the Radar #32 $4.99
Mojo #202 Sep 10 $9.99
Green Teacher #89 Sum 10 $7.95
Against the Current #147 $5.00
Tattoo Life #65 $6.99
Urban Ink #54 $8.99
Rebel Ink Magazine Sep 10 $5.99

McSweeneys #35 $20.00 – By now, you should know the drill. This issue with a color portfolio and captivating cover by Jordan Crane.
Electric Literature #4 $9.95
Plat Journal #0.5 Spr 10 by Sarah Whiting $8.00
Flaneur Foundry Arts Journal #2 Spr Sum Sleep Prngrphr by Alexandra Lukens $20.00
Dragon Well by Sandy McCord $12.00
I Sense the Dimming 22 Ways to Kill Your God by James R. Onofrey $1.00
NIV 39 and 27 by Nicholas Alexander Hayes $10.00


Speed Speed Speedfreak: A Fast History of Amphetamine by Mick Farren (Feral House) $12.95 – Hey! Buddy! Why do I seem wired to you? What’s your social security number? Why do you want to know mine?! Why officer, was I speeding? Do I look like I’m sweating? Because I don’t really feel like I’m sweating. But you think I look like I’m sweating?! Wait! What was that? Do you hear something? -LM
Down Among the Dead Men: A Year in the Life of a Mortuary Technician by Michelle Williams (Soft Skull) $14.95
Beauty In Decay: Urban Exploration (Gingko) $34.95
Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley, The Definitive Biography by Richard Kaczynski (North Atlantic) $29.95
Girls of Murder City Fame Lust and the Beautiful Killers Who Inspired Chicago by Douglas Perry (Viking) $25.95
Toilets Of The World by var. (Merrell) $9.95
Grimm Reader: Classic Tales of the Brothers Grimm, ed. by Maria Tatar (Norton) $16.95
UFOs: Generals Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record by Leslie Kean (Harmony) $25.99

Totally Wired: Post Punk Interviews and Overviews by Simon Reynolds (Soft Skull) $16.95 – From the author of Rip it Up and Start Again.


Geometry of Pasta by var. (Quirk) $24.95 – Now that’s one arty cookbook. Almost as if design book publisher DGV did a book about pasta.

Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward Professor, Tattoo Artist and Sexual Renegade by Spring (FSG) $32.50
Packing For Mars: The Curious Science of Life In The Void by Mary Roach, author of Stiff.

Paradoxes of Utopia Anarchist Culture and Politics In Buenos Aires 1890 to 1910 by Juan Suriano (AK) $18.95
Sparking A Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition by Koyla Abramsky (AK) $24.00
Ordinary Injustice: How America Holds Court by Amy Bach (Holt) $18.00
Moving Politics: Emotion and Act Ups Fight Against AIDS by Deborah Gould (University of Chicago) $38.33
I’ve Got The Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Missisippi Freedom by Charles Payne (Univ Calif) $43.25

Balloon Toons Super Crazy Cat Dance by Aron Nels Steinke (Blue Apple) $10.99
Bone Tall Tales by Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski (Scholastic) $10.99
Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book: Center For Cartoon Studies Presents Let’s Make Comics Together – Draw Here Cool by James Sturm etc. (First Second) $7.99

Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation by var. (Seal) $16.95
Sex, Sin and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex From Celibacy to Polyamory and Eve by Brad Warner (New World Library) $14.95
For Lonely Adults Only #8 Sum 10 $8.00
Spank #16 Homo Art Zine $6.50
Front #144 Sum 10 $9.99

Big Penis Diary 2011 Taschen Calendar $15.99 – Get yer 2011 er, ON. Ha ha ha. Time is popping up on you. Er, yeah.
Mountz Magnetic Ninja Toys $5.00 – More DiiLeets/Leets erasers.
Beci Orpin Journal Love Tree Birds Owl Hearts and Beci Orpin Journal Blindfold Girl Birds Guides (Gingko) $7.50 – Blank journals with art that looks part Nikki McClure, part Tara McPherson. We don’t sell a lot of notebooks, but this one is really cool and nice.