New Stuff This Week

On Being Read Issue #2 by edited by Gabrielle Walsh $10 – Artistic responses to how one is read in gender, edited by Gabrielle Walsh, with work by Gabe Howell, Caroline Cash, Rosie Accola and more. Essays, illustration, poetry — many expressions running the continuum of feeling not outwardly “queer enough” to quieting the anxiety of ostracism for being “too queer.” -LM


We Let Our Battles Choose Us by Ed Blair $3

Dos and the Don’ts of Supporting Survivors by Leah Short $5

Riot Grrrl Press Coloring Book Zine Version by Julie Ruin $3

Graphic Novels

Ink & Anguish: A Jay Lynch Anthology with Ed Piskor and Patrick Rosenkranz (Fantagraphics) $39.99

The Secret Voice vol 1 by Zack Soto (Floating World Comics) $24.95


Perfect Worlds Artistic Forms and Social Imaginations vol by Michael Workman $15


Broken Pencil #82 $7.95

Chap Books & Fiction

The Transition: A Novel by Luke Kennard $18

Jesus Crawdad Death by Betsy Phillips (Third Man Books) $10 – Third publication in TMB limited ed chap book series, this one featuring speculative fiction stories.

Pretend I’m Dead: A Novel by Jen Beagin $16