New Stuff This Week

Shameless Feminists by Isabella Bannerman & friends (AK Press) $15 – aka as World War 3 Illustrated #50, the venerable comics anthology. Snippet from Monica Johnson’s “Riding For Two.”


Misery of Spirit #1-#6 by Stephen Reilly $5 each

Zines by Noelle Richard: Two by Four by Noelle Richard $10, Your Nifty Guide to Sort of Understanding Gender $4, White Guys Named Nick $4

Lost Stories From the Junk Drawer by Eric Bartholomew & friends from Zine Club Chicago $3

zines by Joseph Wilcox: Teaching Artist $10, Surprise Well Sort Of $3, Thirteen Dolphin Mailboxes $12

Sequence Of Spaces by Cristopher Kardambikis $20

Enclosed Expanse by Errol F. Richardson $12

Comics & Minis

Simon and the Melody of the Mask by Griffin Price and JJ McLuckie $10

Homespun Holler Nov 19 by Grant $2

In Flight Safety #3 by Jarad Solomon $20

Toadally the Best by Rachel Bard $5

Checkout Counter by Athena Naylor $15

I Dont Like You #2 by Kevin Scalzo $8

Volcanoes Reach Fumarole Imbroglio #14 by Rodger Binyone $15

Chowdy and Elvis Eel by Daniel Mata $2

Casual Zines A Sleep Deprived Art Studemt $5

Aga and the Wyrm by AnneMarie Rogers $10

Shoot the Odd One Out by Dena Springer $10

Graphic Novels

Nothing to See Here by Howard Chackowicz (Conundrum) $18

The Lonesome Era by Jon Allen (Iron Circus) $30

QJay Comix Book by Georgil Elaev $20

Two Dead by Van Jensen and Nate Powell $19.99

Devil’s Dictionary (The Fantagraphics Underground Series) by Ambrose Bierce, illustrated by Keith Bendis $20

Now #7: The New Comics Anthology edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics) $9.99

After the Spring: A Story of Tunisian Youth by Helene Aldeguer $21.99

Photo Books

Polar Bears by Jochen Raib $24.95

Politics & Revolution

Despite It All We Never Learn by Kenny Karpov $20

Food Books

Mixtape Potluck Cookbook by Questlove $29.99

Music Books

Acid for the Children: A Memoir by Flea $30

Outer Limits

O Relentless Death: Celebrity, Loss and Mourning: A Collection of Images and Essays by Andrew and Lee Fearnside $20


Serotonin: A Novel by Michel Houellebecq $27


Tape Op #134 dec jan $5.99

Bust #119 winter $6.99

Adbusters #147 $14.95

Raw Vision #103 fall $16

Lit Journals & Poetry

The Rialto Books Review vol #005 $6

Saturday Night Sage by Noah C. Lekas (Blind Owl Records) $15

Coffee Book by Roy Arad $5

Other Stuff

Blindsight 2020 Calendar by Leif Goldberg $25