New Stuff This Week

Dame Darcy Meat Cake Calendar 2020 $16


One Week in Wan Chai $20

Milo by Alexander Pyles $10

Comics & Minis

Empress by Maria Sofia Ramirez $5

Peach Boy by Toyoya $8

Fried Bananas: A Travelogue by Natalie Dupille $12

Wrath of the Giver by Jorge Garza $5

Mama Snake #6 & #7 by Chris Campbell $4 each

Closet by Woshibai $8

Outer Limits

Traditions Of Death And Burial by Helen Frisby $14

Music Books

Inflamed Invisible: Collected Writings on Art and Sound, 1976–2018 (Goldsmiths Press / Sonics Series (2)) by David Toop $30

Art Books

Queer and Trans Artists of Color vol 3 by Nia King $22


Nietzsche and the Burbs by Lars Iyer $16.99

The Revisionaries by A. R. Moxon $29.99


Bitch #85 winter $7.95

Jacobin #35 fall $12.95

Lit Journals & Chap Books

The Paris Review #231 winter $20

Songs of Songs: An Awakening Translation by Noraa Kaplan $7

Other Stuff

Gag Me 2020 Cartoon Calendar by Natalie Dupille $10