New Stuff This Week

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Vivian Girls Forever #1 An Ode to Henry Darger by Lindsey J. Bryan $7

I’ve Been Crying the Last Few Days and Drawing Strange Men by Tavi Veraldi $10

Rozine #1 $3

Chicago Gets 4 Stars History Zine #1 by Joe Mason $3

Wiseblood #67 $3

Plaid Skirts and Converse #3 the Mental Hospital #8 $4

Fucktoy #1 $4

I Think I’ll Make a Snappy New Day #1 $4

Comics & Minis

Stripburger #74 $10

You Don’t Get There From Here #53 by Carrie McNinch $4

Kaki by Dan Kittaka $3

Comics from Shawn Granton: Ten Foot Rule Inktober 2019 $3, New Old Stock #S5 The Illustrated Journal of a Civilized Cyclist $4

Invasion on Aisle Two #1 by Erik Jasek $8

Graphic Novels

Unknown by Anna Sommer (Conundrum) $17

Naked Body: An Anthology of Chinese Comics by Yan Cong, Jason Li and R. Orion Martin (Paradise Systems) $21.95

Music & Film Books

Cheap Shots: A Photographic Look at Underground Bands Through the 80s and Beyond by Chris Barrows (Rare Bird Books) $35

Super 8: An Illustrated History by Danny Plotnick (Rare Bird Books) $40


Bitch #87 summer $9.95

The Believer #131 june / july $12

Tape Op #137 june / july $5.99

In These Times june $4.95

Jacobin #37 spring $12.95

Harpers Magazine june $7.99

Yes! #94 summer $6.50

Chap Books

Misery Can Be Bad by Harmon Butcher and Lale Westvind $7