Big Announcement & New Stuff This Week

Copy one bravo! We’ll be open to the public starting Wednesday, June 3rd. Noon to 6pm every day. Can’t wait to see you (from behind a mask). Until then, we’re still providing curbside pickup and shipping mail orders.

New Stuff This Week:

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Epic Names: A Short History of Famous Flames by Billy McCall $3

Sex Work Spell Work by Madison Murray $5.50

Transvestia #9 Queering the Media $10

Highgate Eye #4 by Dean Squishman $3

On Alchemy and the Symbolics of Color by Brian Cotnoir $15

Comics & Minis

Tears of the Leather Bound Saints by Casanova Frankenstein (Fantagraphics Underground) $10

Rimeski Comics #6 May 20 by Lucius Wisniewski & friends $3

Minor Leagues #10 by Simon Moreton $6

Fifty Flip Experiment #25 $5

PYXIS #11 & #12 by Jonas Campe $8 each

Stuff from Plot Twist Publishing:
Pushover by Jean Marie Pilario Jean Munson $5
Tome of Terror #1 by Greg Boucher $5
Queens #1 Rulers of Feminist Comedy by Jean Munson $10
Heavens Bastards #1 by Pierce Elliott & friends $5

Graphic Novels

Art Young’s Inferno (Original Art Edition) (Fantagraphics) $29.99


Juxtapoz #214 summer $9.99

Bust #121 summer $7.99

Lit Journals

Submerging #4 summer $4