New Stuff This Week

Did you miss the Quimby’s tour during #CZF2020 online? No worries! Watch it here on Youtube!

Mirror Mirror 3 by Plum Press/2d Cloud $19.95

Werner Herzog – A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin $22.95

Resist Everything Except Temptation: The Anarchist Philosophy of Oscar Wilde by Kristian Williams (AK Press) $18

Between Everything and Nothing: The Journey of Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal and the Quest for Asylum by Joe Meno (Counterpoint) $26

The Monthly Review vol 72 #1 May 20 COVID-19 Crisis in Perspective $6

Handmade Face Mask, sewn by Mary Miller $15

I, John Kennedy Toole: A Novel by Jodee Blanco and Kent Carroll $25.95

More stuff from Porkbelly Press!

Topp: Promoter Gary Topp Brought Us the World by David Collier and Gary Topp (Conundrum Press) $20

P.S. Thanks to Marc Fischer of Public Collectors & Half Letter Press for featuring Quimby’s in QUARAZINE #61, which features some of the funnier order notes from our Qustomized Quimby’s Quarantine Zine Packages (which you can still order here.) Download your free copy of QUARANZINE #61 below!