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Zine Club Chicago Patch $12


East Village Inky #63 by Ayun Halliday $3

Movie Watchlist: 20 from 2020 by Johnny Misfit $3

Types: Considering Queer Elderhoods: A Pressing Concerns Book Mark by Sara Lautman $7

Punks Around #14 Mental Health $5

zines from Tom Orr: Reign of Slime, Sinking and I Don’t Know Where Towards, Dopamine Milkshake: Some Works

Hallogallo #1 by Kai Slater $3

Overload #1 by Dylan MacDonald $10

Diary of My Glow Up: A Workbook For Breaking Through Creative Blocks and Glowing Up by Annie Hex $10

Beyond the Concrete Milkshake: Tactics for Defeating Media Trolls and Grifters by Kit O’Connell $8


Dean Street Parts #6 & #7 by Al Burian and Oska Wald $4 each

Pisser! by John Sammis $5

Grixly #51 & #52 by Nate McDonough $3 each

San Francisco Bay Area Mr. Tech Bro Pageant by Katt Kelly $5

Knowledge Wisdom and Art by Dedrick $4

Comics by Karla Paloma: Bambi and Nick, Dildo Fish by Karla Paloma, Burned Meat, Texas Bar

Outer Limits

Fractals: On the Edge of Chaos by Oliver Linton $14


Detransition, Baby: A Novel by Torrey Peters (One World) $27

Magazines & Lit Journals

Fantastic Man #32 Fall 2020 Winter 2021 $20

Harpers Magazine march $7.99

International Review #165 International Communist Current Winter 2021 $3

Granta #154 Winter 2021 $19.99

Iowa Review vol 50 #2 Fall 2020 $8.95

Shock Cinema #59 $5