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Candles by White City Devil! In Tin cans with soy blends $16 each in “Bloodlust” + “Impaler” + “Coffee and Coconut” + “Weedeater”


Gina and Joe Talk About Queer Horror by Gina Brandolino and Joe Carlough $5

Stated Plainly by Dustin Reilly $5

zines by Maira: Do You Still Hate Me: A Zine About Social Anxiety and Growing Up, i’ve got a number of irrational fears that i’d like to share with you $3

Urban Daydreams by Jason Valenzuela $7

Photo zines by Larry Wolf $8, each: Rough Raw Reclaimed #1, More Or Less Transparent

Six Stories by Steven Holmquist $6

Digital Penance #1 by Matt Oberski and Kyle Brand $13

International Review #166 $3

Famous Cats Passed by Joe Carlough $2

Comics & Minis

The Future #7 by Tommi Musturi $6

Back Channel by Matt Bellisle $5

Comics by Charles Brubaker: Ask a Cat Digest #14, Witch Named Koko #10, Goblins and Fortune

Being John Arbuckle #1-#7 by Gobonussaves $6 each

Comics by Davidt Dunlop: Satanic Panic, Martin, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder & more

Graphic Novels

Nod Away vol 2 by Joshua M. Cotter (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Bird Feeder by Ryan Oliver and Rosario $10

Music Books

The History of Bones: A Memoir by John Lurie $28

Field Guides by Steve Wide $14.95 each: Britpop, Grunge

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Spirits of the Otherworld: A Grimoire of Occult Cocktails and Drinking Rituals by Allison Crawbuck & Rhys Everett $19.95

Family Dolls: A Manson Paper and Play Book by John Reed and Choi Sungyoon $15

Carmilla: The Cult Classic That Inspired Dracula by Sheridan Le Fanu $18.95


Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally by Emily Ladau $16


Alien Cookbook by Chris-Rachael Oseland $34.95

3D Munchies: Three-Dimensional Recipes to Satisfy Them Cravings by Eli George $19.95

Poetry & Fiction

Books by Yvonne Zipter: Infraction, Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound

Other Stuff

Ginseng Roots Collectible Box by Craig Thompson (Uncivilized) $16.95