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Papercore #5 DIY International Punk Zine spring summer $4

Alternative Incite #4 spring $4

Hot Shop Music ft. Pearl Dick by Charlie Manion $15

Late to the Party Sum 21 by Erik Jacobson $3

Keanu Godmother by Issa Saldana $1

Dotty’s Vegan Munchies Adventures #1 $18

Maps by Chris Auman $6.50

Pencil Revolution #20 I Brought My Pencil Back to School Issue by Dr. Johnny Gamber II $5

Tuesday Zine Issues #1-8, #9-#16 by Frank Fehler $5

Craft Leftovers vol 5 #1 The Many Deaths of Backyard Chickens by Kristin M. Roach $7

Comics & Minis

Acid Nun #2 by Corinne Halbert $10 – Plus a restock of her stickers!

New stuff from Kus!
Mini-kuš #99 Flowers Intertwined by Ema Gaspar $6
Mini Kus #100 Long Live the Witches by Valentine Gallardo $6
Mini Kus #101 Survival Mode by Dileydi Florez $6
Mini Kus #102 10 Sim Lane by Essi Nieminen $6
S #42 Baltic Comics Magazine: Scientific Facts $14

Stripburger issues #75-77 $12 each

Haint Tales #1 by Anthony Aiuppy $10

Zero Point: A Short Sci-Fi Comics Collection by Quinn Thomson $7

New Yerby Spr 2021 by Liz Yerby $8

Positively Moomin Comics Anthology by Liz Yerby & friends $10

Beastly by Ben Cherry $4

Graphic Novels

Good Night, Hem by Jason (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Represented Immobilized by Rick Trembles (Conundrum) $12

I Am a Cat: The Manga Edition by Soseki Natsume $14.99

Politics & Revolution

Steal This Book 50th Anniversary Edition by Abbie Hoffman $19.99


2022 Witch’s Diary: Reclaiming the Magick of the Old Ways by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters $14.95

The Good Spell Book : Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery (Revised) by Gillian Kemp $18

Hard To Be A Person by Brett Newski $20

Chap Books

Fifteen Limericks About Van Gogh by David Hankins $2.50


Kathy Acker In Seattle edited by Daniel Schulz (Misfit Lit) $14

The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West $17.99


Savage Love A to Z: Advice on Sex and Relationships, Dating and Mating, Exes and Extras by Dan Savage and Joe Newton $19.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem

Hurts So Good: The Science and Culture of Pain on Purpose by Leigh Cowart (Public Affairs) $28

Symbols of the Occult: A Directory of Over 500 Signs, Symbols and Icons by Eric Chaline $24.95

If You Can’t Quit Cryin’, You Can’t Come Here No More: A Family’s Legacy of Poverty, Crime and Mental Illness in Rural America by Betty Frizzell (Feral House) $17.95

The King of Confidence: A Tale of Utopian Dreamers, Frontier Schemers, True Believers, False Prophets, and the Murder of an American Monarch by Miles Harvey $18.99


The Every by Dave Eggers (McSweeneys hardcover edition) $28

Wrong End of the Telescope: A Novel by Rabih Alameddine $27

Dantes Indiana: A Novel by Randy Boyagoda (Biblioasis) $16.95

The Book of Form and Emptiness: A Novel by Ruth Ozeki $30

Awkward Black Man: Stories by Walter Mosley $17


Planted: Chicago’s Vegan Magazine summer $8

Wire #450 august $12.50

032c #39 summer $19.90

Monocle #146 september $14