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No livestream this week what with us being closed on Saturday (12/25), which means you get the New Stuff Post a day early!

More Quimby’s 30th Anniversary t-shirts in grey! $24.99


Black Matriarch Archive #1 by Alkebuluan Merriweather $12

LickZine Supplemental #5 and #6 the History of Mediums and A One Hit Wonder by Andrew S Guthrie $5

Push: A Cure Fanzine #3 2019 Dream by Arusha Baker & friends $6

Spaghetti Brain Archive #1 $6

zines by Cecilia Jane: Cat TV, Guide to Moving $5/$4

zines by Hybachi LeMar: Deprived and Depraved, Anarchism and Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Knowledge Booklet Two & more $10/$6.50

Gina and Joe Talk About Halloween Horror by Gina Brandolino and Joe Carlough $5

You Can Make Them Like You – A Dating Apps Zine $10

Pavement by Larry Wolf $4

Ceramzine #1 by Dave Zackin $6

Comics & Minis

Flowery issues #30-#34 by Mel Stringer $7.50 each

Condolences by Al Nelson $1

Pica Book issues 6-10 by Ian W. Arsenault $3

New Wave Comics #19 and #20 by David Soileau $1.50/$2.00

Clownin’ Comics $7

Time Is Weird $3

Weak Magic #1 by Will Schreitz $5

Three, Two One Here We Come by Dena Springer $20

Joys of Animating: How to Make a Cartoon Without Losing Your Nerve by Charles Brubaker $3

Misfortunes by Park Junwoo and Taylor Walls $5

Tiny comics from by H. Jones: Dangerous In Numbers, Shark Village Blood In the Water & more

Sean Mac comcis: Joan of Arc, Hail Kelly $2/$5 & more

Satan’s Pubes $10

Bad Parable: The Bad Beginnings, Collected Comics From 2020-2021 by Teddie Bernard $20

Winnie Bird, various issues by Brian Boss $4

Comics by Karl Christian Krumpholz: One Awful Week, more volumes of Lighthouse in the City & more $5/$12

Graphic Novels

Deserter: Junji Ito Story Collection $22.99

Art Books

HR Giger HC 40th Anniversary Edition (Taschen) $25

Film Books

Blue Velvet (BFI Film Classics) by Michael Atkinson $15.95

The Thing (BFI Film Classics) by Anne Billson $15.95

Witchy Shit & Death Stuff

Practical Witches Almanac 2022 Anniversary Edition vol XXV $14.95

Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt by Kenneth McKenzie and Todd Harra $15.95


Art Writing In Crisis edited by Brad Haylock and Megan Patty (Sternberg Press) $26.95


The Every by Dave Eggers, soft cover Vintage edition $17.95 – We still have the hard cover edition only found in independent bookstores too.


The Believer #138 dec & jan $12
Fantastic Man #34 fall & win $20
VegNews #129 winter $9.99
Monocle #149 dec & jan $17
In These Times jan $4.95
Taproot #48 $12
Mother Jones feb $8.99
Skeptic vol 26 #4 $6.95
New Noise Magazine #60 $5.99

Chap Books, Lit Journals & Poetry

Overtime Hour 60 the Chicken Sexer by Holly Day $2

Brick #108 $19

Poetry by Dane Hamann: Q and A & Thistle Stuck In the Throat of the Sun: Poems $8/$15

The Paris Review #238 winter $20

Optical Prevarication: A Journal of Photographic Art and Fiction by Matthew J. Koerber $7

Other Stuff

Birth of Eggy Toad PATCH by Aim Ren $3