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Mutations #3 by Corinne Halbert $12

From Staple To Spine Compendium of Zine Related Books by AJ Michel $2

Good Manners by Lily Cozzens $15

Dave Zine #17 Thirty Years Into This Thing by David G. Cookson $5

Stapled Spine #11 & #12 $5

New stuff from by Charles Brubaker: Dress Em Up, Royal Merkats $3 each

Messy Misfits Club #2 $10

zines from Amerikana Studio: Simple Sabotage Field Manual $7, Narrative Department of Communication Publication $5, Obsolescence Amerikana Studio $7

Sad Girl Riot #8 $2.50

Towards A Self Sustaining Publishing Model Manifesto by Marc Fischer $1

Seen #1 & #2 by Hannah Sellers $24.99 each

Mending by Heather Anacker $3.33

2021 Movie Watchlist by Johnny Misfit $3

Day on Devon a Zine by Aao Mil $5

Anima Animus Art Series Zines, $7 each: Guaranteed Healers by Tim McGrath #10, Secret Knowledge by Leonardo Casas #9

Comics & Minis

Smut Witch by Corinne Halbert and Shea Cahill $15

Perry Midlife by S.R. Arnold $12

Comics by Kevin Budnik: It’s Okay To Be Sad July 2020 $4, I Hope This Finds You (various issues) $6 each

Death Forever in Freedom Bright $5

Vandalism Release by Mikie Poland $5

Blat #1 and #2 by Mat Greaves $4

Fishing Out Toons by Charles Brubaker $5

I Don’t Belong Here by Matt Lock $6

Scentagons by Stefan Gruber $5

Pixie Lice by Amanda Vahamaki $5

Terminal Discount by Leomi Sadler $5

Graphic Novels

Benjamin Marra’s Disciples (Fantagraphics) $24.99


Punk Called Rock Book by James Hippie $10

Chap Books

Dark Materia Mundus #6 + #7 $12

Sexy stuff

Unfuck Your Blow Jobs: How to Give and Receive Glorious Head by Faith G. Harper PhD (Microcosm) $9.95

Unfuck Your Cunnilingus: How to Give and Receive Tongue-Twisting Oral Sex by Faith G. Harper PhD (Microcosm) $9.95