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KerBloom #156 by Artnoose $2

Bookshelf Voyeur #3 Rooms and Secret Spaces by Lucinda J. Williams $10

Materiel #4 $10

Border Crossings Human Nature #159 $13.95

Undictionary Institute For Conspiracy Theory Analysis $8

Do You Recognize Me? Self Portraiture vol 1 by Sunlight Oracle $11

I’ll Have an “E” Please, Bob (Gendercide Zine Presents) by Milo $5

Livin Outta Bins #1 by Rachel $3

Proof I Exist #39 A Dream Come True by Billy McCall $3

Zines by Catdrool: Things People Have Said To Me, Missed Connections, etc.

Zines by Materia Mundus: Mini Print Gallery #1 and #2 Esoteric Artes, Let Them Fall #2 etc.

My Dog Only Listens to the Mountain Goats by Erin J Watson $1


Zero Point Routine by Quinn Thomson $5

Shifting #0 by Irem Cataltepe $9

Graphic Novels

Freak Buck (Pig Rost Publishing) $35

Gender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe Edition $24.99

Art Books

Pennies In a Stream: Great Moments In Printed Advertising 1918-1984 by Michael P. Daley (First to Knock) $20

Witchy Shit

2023 Witch’s Diary – Northern Hemisphere by Flavia Kate Peters $14.95

Lunar and Seasonal Diary 2023 Northern Hemisphere by Stacey DeMarco $19.95

Essay Books

Adventures in Athletics On and Off the Bench by Markell R. West $12

Local Books

Chicago’s Maxwell Street by Lori Grove and Laura Kamedulski $19.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Popshot Quarterly #36 $12.99

Beyond Cardboard by Jonathan Cardew $10


Heavy Metal #317 $13.99

The Monthly Review June 2022 $6

Breathe #47 $15.99

Skeptic vol 27 #2 $6.95

Shindig #127 $14.25