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Anti Drug Propaganda by Desert Island $20

Xerography Debt #52 $4.95

Bubbles #14 Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $8

Pencil of the Week #17 $1

Unfuck Your Burnout – How to Survive Your Overwhelming Life by Dr. Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $5.95

Touring America North By Pacific Northwest $3

If I Had a Nickel $1

DIY Musical Instruments by Kristin M. Roach $3

View From the Ground From the Archive 2001-2007 by the Invisible Institute $5

Zines from by Merlin: Sick of It Special Edition Disability Inside Outside Project $5, Gerard Tweets #1 $5, Cripple Punk #1 Accessibility In Local Music $4

Street Rats #1 by Allan A $7

zines by Danielle Draik, $10 each: Path, In Waking Moments

Punching Out Solidarity on the Factory Floor by Martin Glaberman $4.95

Reglar Wiglar #28 by Christopher Auman $8

How to Get Your Period a Guide to Performing Menstrual Extraction by Anonymous Healthcare Worker $7.95

Antigravity – multiple issues $10 each

Urban Guerrilla Zine #26 $10

Comics & Minis

Love and Rockets MAGAZINE #12 by Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez $4.99

Future #9 The Exhibition by Tommi Musturi $6

One Eight Hundred Ghosts by G. Davis Cathcart (Fantagraphics Underground) $14.99

Sssnakes #4 Comix by Chris Auman $3

Fledgling Comics by Isabel Garcia Gonzales $5

Sasa #1 by Onli $5

Graphic Novels

Ducks: Two Years In the Oil Sands by Kate Beaton (D+Q) $39.95

Living and Dying In America: A Daily Chronicle 2020-2022 by Steve Brodner (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Drawn For the Rhythmic Zone by Turtel Onli $20

Nowhere Girl by Magali le Huche (Nobrow) $19.99

Super Power Comedian Inteviewing Another Super Power Comedian $6

Outer Limits & Mayhem Books

Ithell Colquhoun – Genius of the Fern Loved Gully by Amy Hale (Strange Attractor Press) $24.95

Illustrated History of Ghosts by Adam Allsuch Boardman (Nobrow) $19.99

Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal How to Investigate Communicate an Clear Spirits by Allen J. Cross $16.99

Werewolf Pack Magick: A Shapeshifter’s Book of Shadows by Denny Sargent $16.99

Future Is Fungi: How Fungi Can Feed Us Heal Us Free Us and Save Our World by Michael Lim and Yun Shu $34.95

Eat Weeds: A Field Guide to Foraging – How to Identify Harvest, Eat and Use Wild Plants by Diego Bonetto $34.95

Music Books

Belle and Sebastian – Illustrated Lyrics by Stuart Murdoch and illustrated by Pamela Tait $24.95

Speak In Tongues: An Oral History of Cleveland’s Infamous DIY Punk Venue by Eric Sandy (Microcosm) $16.95

Stuff From Weird Punk Books, by Sam Richard and friends:
Cinema Viscera: An Anthology of Movie Theater Horror $13
Wallow in Ash and Other Sorrows $13
Sabbath of the Fox Devils $13
Beautiful Grotesque Edited $13

Travel Books

Hello Cleveland: Things You Should Know About the Most Unique City in the World by Mick Perry and illustrated by Jason Look (Microcosm) $12.95


Apartamento #29 $35

Jungle Journal #4 $15

Juxtapoz #223 $9.99

Wire #462 $12.75

Mojo #346 $12.50

Little White Lies #94 $16.99

Shindig #129 $14.75

Skeptical Inquirer vol 46 #5 $5.99

Lit Journals & Poetry

McSweeneys #68 $26

N+1 #43 $14.95

Manic Depressive Pixie Dream Girl Poems by Katya Zinn $18

Books from House of Vlad Productions, $13.95 each:
I Hate You Please Read Me a Book by Joshua Dalton
Noah Cicero’s Wild Kingdom: An Autobiographical Poetry Adventure
Hot Young Strs Poems by Sophie Jennis
Body High by John Lindsey
Horror Vacui Poems and Other Writings by Shy Watson
All Must Go Stories by Kevin Sterne

Other Stuff

David Bowie Stardust With Mask Stickers by Dearly Beloved $6

Weiser Tarot $22.95

Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal $29.95