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Halloween X A Playlist, 100 Tracks by Burf Quimby  $2.50

New stuff & retocks from by Jessie Lynn McMains: Every Day Is Halloween   $1.00, Reckless Chants #26  $5.00 & more.

Possessed #16 The Fanzine For Slackers and Haters $2.50  $3.00

In Hell, Green Hell an Appreciation of Earth AD  $5.00

Kitchen Witch Kit by Dame Darcy  $10.00

Ten Transgender Men and Their Legacies: A Zine by Oliver Grenke  $20.00

Comics & Minis

Little Myths by Harper Sims  $10.00

Haunted #1 Moon by pastelmoonbeamss  $8.00

Letter to My Birth Mother  $8.00

Bad Advice Please by Chloe Fulton  $10.00

Ablaze #48 by Yasmeen Abedifard  $5.00

West #2 by John Grund (Uncivilized)  $6.99

Career Shoplifter by Gabrielle Bell (Uncivilized)  $8.00

Graphic Novels

2 books by Keiler Roberts this week, both from Drawn & Quarterly: Joy of Quitting  $24.95, Creepy (with Lee Sensenbrenner)  $16.95

Macanudo: Welcome to Elsewhere by Liniers (Fantagraphics)  $24.99

Tank Girl Colour Classics Trilogy 1988-1995 by Hewlett and Martin  $49.99

Politics & Revolution Books

Health Communism by Beatrice Alder Bolton and Artie Vierkant  $24.95

Art Books

Get Your Shit Together: by David Shrigley  $35.00

Posters For the Planet Tear Paste Protest Fifty Reusable and Recyclable Posters  $27.50

Essay Books

Gentrifier: A Memoir by Anne Elizabeth Moore  $16.95

Pahrump Report by Lisa Carver  $19.95

Question Everything: A Stone Reader by Peter Catapano and Simon Critch  $40.00


The Future Is Female HC vol 2 The 1970s: More Classic Science Fiction Stories by Women edited by Lisa Yaszek  $27.95

Liberation Day: Stories by George Saunders  $28.00

Truth of the Divine: A Novel by Lindsay Ellis  $18.99

Therapists Gone Wild by Jeff Schneider  $12.95

Music & Film Books

The Come Up: An Oral History of the Rise of Hip Hop by Jonathan Abrams  $35.00

Music Is History by Questlove  $18.99

Some New Kind of Kick: A Memoir by Kid Congo Powers with Chris Campion  $29.00

Totem of the Depraved SECOND EDITION by Nick Zedd  $18.00

Psychiatric Tissues: The History of the Iconic Noise Band Arab on Radar by Jeff Schneider  $18.00


Upping the Anti #23 Journal of Theory and Action  $15.00

The Progressive Oct Nov 2022  $5.95

Mother Jones Dec 2022  $9.99

RFD #191 Fall 2022  $11.95

VegNews #132  $9.99

Zero Tolerance #17  $12.99

Mojo #347  $12.50

Heavy Metal #318  $14.99

Horror Hound #94  $8.99

In These Times vol 46 #9  $4.95

Adbusters #163  $14.95

Harpers Oct 2022  $7.99

Wire #463 $12.75

Monocle #157  $14.00

Shindig #130  $14.75

Shallot vol 1 #1 Journal of Mental Health Art and Literature  $15.00

Document Fall 2022  $25.00

Lit Journals

Taddle Creek #50 25th Anniversary Final Issue  $7.95

Detroit Lit Mag #1 & #2  $3.00 each

Popshot Quarterly #37  $12.99