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QuimBurger Snappy Meal WEBSITE Version! $12.99


Hey So You Want to Know What’s Up With Trans Folks #2 by Jude R. Bettridge

Lennon McCrea Zine various issues, $3-$4

Brogan Room $.25

Potluck #1 $12

Water Column by Colleen Corcoran $10

Split Seconds #1 Genoa Italy Photographs by Michael Jarecki $8

I Am Here to F Up the System: A Personal Essay on Being Autistic in a Capitalist World by Anna $5

Izimbra the Zine #1 Covers Edition by Isabel Steffes $10

Zine of Texts to Myself Zine of the Texts I Send Myself $5

Collected #1 2023 edited by by Meri Brin (Fixated Press) $6

Edwin Perry Manchester’s Human Issue #1 the Parted Flesh Yielding Its Fruit $5

Photo zines by DeVontez, $11 each: Best View of an Angel, Logan Barbie the Equalizer 3 Bottoms Gran Turismo, We Think Too Much Photographs

My Little Corner of the World #1 by Grace Bradley $7


You Don’t Get There From Here #60 by Carrie McNinch $4

Micro Comic by H. Jones: Way of the World #2 $3, Shark Village Slopocalypse $2

SMFGS presents Crust Diary Comics 2023 by Lainey Williams $5

Comics from Toxic Metal Press: Cabaris #1 by Michael Kay, Oh Deanna by Ari S. Mulch, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum, Coward Discourses by Morty C. Pictures, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum

Graphic Novels

Mimi’s Tales of Terror illustrated by Junji Ito, written by Hirokatsu Kihara and Ichiro Nakayama $24

In the City Parts 1 & 2 by Karl Christian Krumpholz, $12 each

Hard Switch by Owen D. Pomery (Avery Hill) $20.99

Art Books

Collective Repository of Nostalgia and Sadness $20

Vowel Study Meter Study 2023 by Kelsey Henke $15

Mayhem & Outer Limits

I Am the Dark Tourist: Messenger of Remembrance by H. E. Sawyer (Headpress) $31.95

Earth’s Galactic History and Its Extraterrestrial Connection by Constance Victoria Briggs $22

Film & TV

Satanic Shadows: Depictions Of Hell and the Devil in Classic Cinema edited by G.H. Janus (Deicide Press) $22.95

The Book of Beasts: Folklore, Popular Culture and Nigel Kneale’s ATV TV Series by Andrew Screen (Headpress) $29.95

Fiction Books

Play by Colleen Corcoran $18

DIY Books

Yes You Can: How to Make a Movie For Almost No Money by Courtney Daniels $24.99


The Believer #144 Winter 2023 The 2023 Music Issue $16

Lit Journals

Overtime #66 Social Distance by Conor Hogan (Blue Cubicle Press) $2

The Bennington Review #12 $15

Moss Piglet Dec 2023 $12

Sins Seance Soul $5