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In Loving Memory of Spring Hill Mall October 1st, 1980-March 22nd, 2024 by Bee Ebben $2

Zip Codes by Jason Valenzuela $10

Zines by Juelule, $1 each: Vagabunda y Bandolera #3 It’s Not Your Room That’s a Prison It’s Yourself, Vagabunda y Bandolera #2 and If You Missed a Day There Was Always the Next

Ars Moriendi by Joe Donlevy $6

Mounds by Andrew Conti $10

Zines from Happy Tapir Press, $5 each: No Fairy Queen: A Coloring Poem by GM Palmer, Beasts: Poetry and Prose by Kate O’Brien Wooddell

Sunflowers by Keezy Young (Silver Sprocket) $7.99


Frogs and Their Friends by Oona Taper $5

Beefy Mag #1 by Finn $12

San Expedito by Raul Higuera (Silver Sprocket) $14.99

Everything Sucks Noahs Millions by Michael Sweater (Silver Sprocket) $7.99

Nose Bleed #1 by Derick Jones $10

Desert Rats #1 by Nick Bunch $10

New titles from Davidt Dunlop: Small $1, Baphometta Coincidental Fish $6.40, Crumpled: A Self Anthology Comic Full of Bits and Bobs $8

Graphic Novels

Barking by Lucy Sullivan (Avery Hill) $22.99

A Brief History of Feminism by Patu & Antje Schrupp (MIT Press) $16.95

Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne & Travis Dandro (Drawn & Quarterly) $29.95

Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno (Last Gasp) $19.95

Won’t Back Down: An Anthology of Pro-Choice Comics by Trina Robbins (Last Gasp) $25

Influenca by Jade LFT Peters (Silver Sprocket) $16.99

Adversary by Blue Delliquanti (Silver Sprocket) $15.99

Viscera Objectica by Yugo Limbo (Silver Sprocket) $14.99

When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll (Silver Sprocket) $16.99

Mayhem & Outer Limits Books

Divination: Elements of Wisdom by Jewels Rocka $8.95

Essay Books

Theres Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension by Hanif Abdurraqib $32

Secret Life vol 2 1925-1940 by Salvador Dali (Deicide Press) $19.95

Film Books

Naked Theater and Uncensored Horror: A Memoir by Stuart Gordon (Fab Press) $27.95


I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both: A Novel by Mariah Stovall $28

Books from House of Vlad Productions, $15.95 each: Violent Candy Stories by Tex Gresham, Farsickness a Novel by Joshua Mohr, People Scare Me Poems by Cash Compson, Hobbies You Enjoy a Novelty by Brian Alan Ellis & more.


Tape Op #160 $5.99

RFD #197 $11.95

Lit Journals & Poetry

Overtime Hour 67 the Line Keeps Turning by Thomas Nicholson $2

Fruitless: A Poetic Story by Daniel, to music by Ogi, with illustrations by Tanate $15

After Hours #47 $12

McSweeney’s #73 Manifesto: A Collection of Manifestos $28

79 Nonets by Caleb Bouchard (Suburban Drunk Press) $8

Ant Dodger: Poems by Bill Knott and Drawings by Dash Shaw $2

Books from selva oscura press $15-$18 each: Daykeeping by Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Shekhinah Speaks by Joy Ladin, Mood Indigo by Jeanne Heuving & more.