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Jail on Wheels: A Mid-20th Century Scared Straight by Jacqui Shine (Half Letter Press) $8

Long Way Home by Tanzen Lilly $7.50

Things We Bought at Harvestime, edited by Erin J. Watson $6

Ker-Bloom #167 $2

Zines by Ashley Hartman Annis, $6 each: Intro to Endometriosis, My Period is Late: Things to Know When You’re Freaking Out, Emergency Contraceptives & more!


Ghouls #4.25 by JHS $2

New stuff from Small Sword Press: Internal Inventory April 2024 by Kai Lumbang $8, Rats edited by Elijah Harrison, Jessica Milar Bentla & Kai Lumbang $5

Comics by N. Khan, $10 each: True Meowhem, Grimace Vacation

Dog Treats – The First Comic I Ever Made by Lily Christou $5

Flart Comix #1 $3.99

A Cure for Lemonade by Jeremy Estes and AP Comfort $10

Graphic Novels

What It Is by Lynda Barry (Drawn & Quarterly) $22.95 – New soft cover edition!

Plain Jane and the Mermaid by Vera Brosgol (First Second) $14.99

titles by Ethan Persoff: The Recovery of Charlie Pickle vols 1-3 $7 each, The Bureau $12

Stuff in a number of genres from Michael D. Davis: Animals in Formal Victorian Clothing: A Stranger Coloring Book $3.99, Mikey’s Horror Parody Book vol 1 Mocking the Movies You Hate Love and Never Heard Of $3.99 & more.

Art & Design Books

Encyclopedia of Gardening for Colored Children by Jamaica Kincaid and illustrated by Kara Walker $27

Street Art Cookbook: A Guide to Techniques and Materials by Benke Carlsson & Hop Louie (Dokument Press) $19.95

Outer Limits

Trippy: The Peril and Promise of Medicinal Psychedelics by Ernesto Londono $29.99

Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun by David Hatcher Childress (Adventures Unlimited) $22


Elska #09 Yokohama Japan vol 2 2024 edition $20

DIY & Health Books

The Witch’s Workshop: A Guide to Crafting Your Own Magical Tools by Melissa Jayne Madara $30

I’m Enough: An Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Self-Acceptance and Interpersonal Relationships by Tenten Hosokawa & Hiroko Mizushima (Last Gasp) $16.95

Essay Books

Magical/Realism : Essays on Music, Memory, Fantasy, and Borders by Vanessa Angélica Villarreal $29


All Fours: A Novel by Miranda July $29

The House That Horror Built: A Novel by Christina Henry $18

My First Book by Honor Levy $27

The Instructions: 13th Anniversary Bar Mitzvah Edition by Adam Levin (McSweeney’s) $32

Food Books

Let’s Make Bread: A Comic Book Cookbook by Ken Forkish and illustrated by Sarah Becan $22

The Dawn of Food by Karen Mutton (Adventures Unlimited) $19.95

Music & Film Books

Mixing Pop and Politics: A Marxist History of Popular Music by Toby Manning (Repeater Books) $35

Pure: The Sexual Revolutions of Marilyn Chambers by Jared Stearns $23.95

The Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema (2nd Edition, Revised) by Nikolas Schreck (Headpress) $31.95

FrightFest Guide to Mad Doctor Movies: The Dark Heart of Cinema by John Llewellyn Probert (FAB Press) $24.95


Waders by Andrew Motion (McSweeney’s) $22


Fans: A Journey Into the Psychology of Belonging by Michael Bond $27.99