News & New Stuff This Week

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Anyz, here’s new stuff!


Best Friends by Marian Runk $10.00

High Soft Lisp by Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $16.99

Part of Rebellion #3 Erosie You Have One New Message by C100 (Publikat) $19.95

Flux Designer Toys by Shawn Wright (Gingko) $29.95

Way cool postcard books (see below for an example of just one of the Ian Stevenson ones) from the amazing Concrete Hermit folks overseas. Cool stuff rom these artists: Andrew Rae, Anthony Burrill, John Slade, Koichiro Takagi, Jeremyville, Cody Hudson. Prices vary.


Spring Goals zine by Jay Krevans $3.00

Seattle Review vol 2 #2 and #3 $10.00

True History of the Elephant Man: A Definitive Account by M. Howell and var. (Skyhorse) $12.95

It Was the War of the Trenches by J. Tardi (Fantagraphics) $24.95

A variety of Moleskine 18 month planners, starting July 2010 to Dec 2011, variety of prices

Paper Apr 10 $4.00

Small Stakes Music Posters by Jason Munn/Small Stakes (Chronicle) $24.95 – Foreward by Nicholas Harmer of Death Cab For Cutie.

Lists To-Dos Illustrated Inventors Collected Thoughts and Other Artists: Enumerations From the Smithsonians Archives of American Art by Liza Kirwin (Princeton) $24.95

Print and Pattern Bowie Style by Bowie Style {aka Marie Perkins} (Laurence King) $35.00

Dot Dot Dot #19 (Princeton) $16.95

Hip Snips: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair by Pablo Mitchell (Quirk) $9.95

Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today by Kate Bingaman Burt (Princeton) $19.95

The Addams Family: An Evilution by Chas Addams (Pomegranate) $39.95

Dong With a Luminous Nose by Edward Gorey (Pomegranate) $14.95

Jumblies by Edward Lears, illustrated by Edward Gorey (Pomegranate) $14.95

Sinister Truth MK Ultra graphic novel by Jason Ciaccia and A. Norhanian (Pop Indsutries) $11.95

El Propio #3 Somer Season mini-comic $.25


The Muse the News and the Noose #6 Quiet Songs by John Wawrzaszek $2.00

No Dogs Allowed: Buffy the Cat by Paul Smulson $17.93

Me Magazine #19 Spr 10 by $7.50

Flaunt #108 $8.95

Thor: Tales of Asgard HC by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby etc. (Marvel) $29.99

Newsboy Legion vol 1 HC by Joe Simon/Jack Kirby (DC) $49.99

Krazy and Ignatz in Tiger Tea HC by George Herriman, Craig Yoe (IDW) $12.99

Book of Grickle HC by Graham Annable (Dark Horse) $17.99

Black Blizzard The Legendary 1956 Thriller by the creator of A Drifting Life by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

(DQ) $19.95

Beachbum Berry Remixed a Gallery of Tiki Drinks: The Recipe Books Intoxica and Grog Log combined with 107 New Drinks by Jeff Berry (Club Tiki Press) $24.95

Wacky Packages Includes Bonus Pack of Rare and Unreleased Stickers (Topps/Abrams) $19.95

120 Days of Simon: A Graphic Odyssey Through Sweden by Simon Gardenfors (Top Shelf) $14.95

Hey Princess by Mats Jonsson (Top Shelf) $14.95

Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis HC (Abrams) $24.95

Phonogram vol 2 The Singles Club TPB by Kieron Gillen and var. (Image) $14.99

Invincible Iron Man vol 1 Marvel Masterworks by Stan Lee and var. (Marvel) $24.99

Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters: Many Marvelous Wondermark Comic Strips by David Malki (Dark Horse) $16.99

Dodgem Logic #1 (Knockabout) $6.00 – Alan Moore’s (yes, that Alan Moore of Watchmen etc. fame) mini-tribute to the region he lives in.

Maximumrocknroll #323 Apr 10 $4.00

Laphams Quarterly vol 3 #2 Arts and Letters $15.00

Neural #35 $8.00

IdN vol 17 #1 $17.50

IDN Extra 02 Midnight Sessions $25.00

Death and Taxes Mar Apr 10 $4.99

Venus Zine #42 Spr 10 $4.50

Art Lies #65 $7.00

Sovereign #9 Apr 10 $3.95


Spank #15 Homo Art Zine $6.50

XLR8R #132 $4.99

Best of Skunk vol 2 $6.99

Tattoo Society #21 $7.99

Wax Poetics #40 $9.99

Tattoo Ideas #38 Mar 10 $7.95

Bizarre #160  $10.50

Bomb #111 Spr 10 $7.95

Bust Apr May 10 $4.99

Left Turn #36 Apr May 10 $5.00

Turnstile #1 Win 09 10 $4.95

Modart No 1 Forget Art In Order to Feel it The Best of Modart Magazine (Modart) $29.95

Emigre No 70: The Look Back Issue Selections from Emigre Magazine #1 through #69 (Gingko) $49.95

Hammer Making Movies Out Of Sex and Life by Barbara Hammer (Feminst) $19.95

Pen and the Sword Conversations with Edward Said by var. (Haymarket) $15.00

Academic Repression Reflections from the Academic Industrial Complex by var. (AK) $24.95

How The Economy Was Lost The War of the Worlds by Paul Craig Roberts (AK) $15.95

Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America by Mark Ehrman (Process) $16.95 – updated edition.

Read Hard: Five Years of Great Writing from the Believer, by var. (McSweeneys) $18.00

Misadventure by Millard Kaufman (McSweeneys) $22.00

Goth Vamps and Dandies by Gavin Baddeley (Plexus) $19.95

Dawn of the Dreadfuls Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Steve Hockensmith (Quirk) $12.95

Economics Anti Textbook: A Critical Thinkers Guide to Micro Economics (Zed) $35.00

Band of Bikers photo book by Scott Zieher (PowerHouse) $24.95

Gristle From Factory Farms to Food Safety by Moby and var. (New Press) $14.95

Man Who Sold the World: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America by William Kleinknecht (Nation) $16.95 – Now in soft cover.

Ronald Reagan My Father by Brian Joseph Davis (ECW) $17.95 – We’re sensing a pattern here.

Pinstripe Planet 2: More Fine Lines From the World’s Best by Herb Martinez (Korero) $37.95

Hyperart Thomasson by Genpei Akasegawa etc. (Kaya) $17.95


Ovulation Awareness Sex Ed and Social Commentary (2nd ed.) by Sam $4.00

The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno (W.W. Norton) $14.95

Performing Guzzling by Kim Gordon (Nieves) $60.00 – Includes a signed print! We only got one, so ya better hustle if you want it.

Song is You by Arthur Phillips (Random) $15.00

Black Jack vol 10 by Osamu Tezukah (Vertical) $16.95

Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson (Vintage) $7.99 – Now in mass market paperback, following The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The Comedians Feb Mar 10 $4.50

Purge Zine (stream of consciousness) $1.00

Ninth Letter vol 6 #2 $14.95

Very Hungry Caterina by Katherina Audley $3.00

Mysterias Mansion Annual 2010 by Nik Havert $6.25

Razorcake #55 $4.00


Herman the Manatee vol 1 Gets Hit By a Boat min-comic by Jason Viola $3.00

Sunward mini-comic by Jason Viola $4.00

Vervm Corpvs #1 by var. $4.99

El Propio #4 $.25

JS Bound Struggles #7 $5.00

Paranoia The Conspiracy Reader vol 1 by Joan D’Arc and Al Hidell $14.00