New Stuff 20th & 27th 2008

WHOA! Two weeks worth of new stuff coming at you! Sorry folks I missed a week took a little time off to visit London. Which I have to say had two really great comic shops with Gosh and Forbidden Planet! But now its back to the grind and WOW, tons of stuff came out in the past two weeks! Fall books they are a dropin’.

New Stuff September 20th & 27th 2008

Chunklet #20 $9.99
Brainscan #23 $2.00
Wallpaper Oct 08 $8.95
Dot Dot Dot #16 $16.95
Razorcake #46 $4.00
Butt #24 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90
Geek Monthly #20 Oct 08 $5.99
Gothic & Lolita Bible Autumn 08 $19.99
Flaunt #96 $8.95
Ready Made #37 Oct Nov 08 $4.99
Juxtapoz #93 Oct 08 $4.99
Bust Oct Nov 08 $4.99
Adbusters #80 $8.95
Swindle #18 $8.95
Fortean Times #240 Oct 08 $11.99
Harpers Magazine Oct 08 $6.95
Tattoo Society #12 $6.99
Anthem #36 $9.95
Paper & Carriage #3 $18.00 Green Lantern does it again!
Tape Op #67 $4.50
Six by Six #16 $3.00 Deflates Withoutward
Urinal Gum Vol 6 $2.00
Song of Turning by Mike Wolf $1.00
Scarecrow by Max G Morton $6.00 from Heart Worm Press
White Jesus by Dan Gleason $2.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Best American Comics 2008 $22.00
French Milk by Lucy Knisley $15.00 Event coming up soon for this!
Against Pain by Ron Rege Jr $24.95
Boys Club by Matt Furie $4.95
Souvlaki Circus $13.95
100 Bullets vol 12 Dirty $12.99
Castle Waiting #12 $3.95
Glamourpuss #3 $3.00
Burma Chronicles HC by Guy Delisle $19.95
Local HC by Brian Wood $29.99
Che A Graphic Biography $16.95
Punk Rock And Trailor Parks by Derf $15.95
Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds $16.95
Black Jack Vol 1 by Tezuka $16.95
Futures So Bright I Cant Bear To Look by Tom Tomorrow $16.95
Jesus Hates Zombies Yea Though I Walk vol 1 $7.95
Abe Sapien TPB The Drowning $17.95
Lost Colony Book Three $18.95
Jamilti and Other Stories by Rotu Modan $19.95
Aya of Yop City HC by Marguerite Abouet $19.95
Gus and His Gang by Chris Blain $16.95
Help Is On the Way A Collection of Basic Instructions by Scott Meyer $9.95
Nothing Nice to Say by Mitch Clem $9.95
Fables #76 $2.99
Black Summer TPB $24.99

New Books
Wound by Mark McCoy $30.00 Limited edition from Heart Worm Press, Act Quick!!
Handmade Nation The Rise of DIY Art Craft Design $24.95
Rock Bible Unholy Scripture For Fans & Bands $15.95 from Chunklet magazine!!
Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008 edited by Eggers and Judy Blume $14.00
Censored 2009 $19.95 Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007-08
Porn and Pong by Damon Brown $15.00 Video Games and Sex in Culture
Fraktur Mon Am $75.00 Gothic typefaces with CD-Rom!! Sweet!
Street Art Noir $20.00
Hell Bound New Gothic Art $24.95
Fuck You Rock and Roll Portraits $14.95
Field Guide to Cookies $15.95
Secret Suppers Rogue Chefs and Underground Restaurants $18.95
Petal Pusher A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story by Laurie Linden $13.00
Best of Sexology The Illustrated Magazine of Sex Science HC by Craig Yoe $14.95
True Crime HC $40.00 an American Anthology
More Mobile Portable Architecture for Today $24.95
Vegan A Go Go $17.95
Break it Down by Lydia Davis $13.00
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson $24.95
Girl Boy Girl $17.95 How I Became JT Leroy
Signs Lettering In the Environment $19.95
Gothic Dark Glamour $45.00
Cosmode USA $19.99 DIY Cosplay book $19.99
Marc Bolan Born to Boogie $19.95 TRex!!!!
Tokyo Year Zero by David Peace $14.95
Year of Mornings 3191 Miles Apart $19.95
Scrapbooks An American History by Jessica Helfand $45.00
Everyday People by Kevin Coval $15.00
Wizard of Oz illustrated by Graham Rawle $29.95
Formulas For Now by Hans Urlich Obrist $24.95
Annotated Flatland A Romance of May Dimensions $17.95
Classic Tattoo Flash Vol 1 & 2 by Spider Webb $25.00 each

Porn and Erotica
Butt #24 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90
AG #89 Super Erotic Anthology Comic $4.99
Carrie Leighs Nude Fall 08 $9.95
How to be Kinky $16.95 Beginners Guide to BDSM
X The Erotic Treasury edited by Susie Bright $35.00
XXX Porn For Women $12.95
Porn and Pong by Damon Brown $15.00 Video Games and Sex in Culture
Hurts So Good Unrestrained Erotica $14.95
Book of Ages HC by Eric Hanson $19.95

Gifts and Stuff
Adventures of Miss Girl DVD $15.00 Collab with Jeffrey Brown
Future Shock Vol 2 DVD $10.00 Now this looks good!!!
Tramp & Stamp Postcard Set Series 2 by Leif Goldberg $7.00
Sticky Notes by Susie Ghahremani and Grady McFerrin $8.95 each
Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago 2009 $19.95 pretty handy actually!
Crackpot Calendar 2009 $20.00 Designy desk calendar
Sukie Perpetual Calendar $9.95
Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual Calendar $9.95
Ill Ego Tanglefoot 7 inch record $4.00 Al Burian strikes again