Fletcher Hanks Dropin’ A-Bombs

Destroy the World

Wow just got the word that the new book of Fletcher Hanks comics is set to land this week. For most of us our first taste of this undercover genius was from the few pages reprinted in the awesome book Art Out of Time, and even with that books steller line up of underground and obscure weirdness from bygone days. Fletcher Hanks was easily the best thing in there.

Whatever the reason his work is amazing with a rawness that sets it apart today. I would dare say there is a strong parallel between his work and Gary Panter (see Cola Madness or the out of print Jimbo comics). Even Fort Thunder Alumni Matt Brinkman’s comics can be seen to have a similar narative and viseral style (check out multiforce or his stories in the most recent Kramer’s Ergot volumes). This is probably the one book that I’ve been wating to drop durring this spring/summer season!

Check out the Fletcher Hanks website set up to promote the book, it has links to some of his comics you can read on line. The books should be within the next week!