New Stuff 7/28/07

reading comics

Wicker Park Fest is in full effect. Crocs, ball caps and baggy tees. I think Jimmy Buffet was just in here looking at porn. Crazy! What more to say another week of new stuff. Looks like the summer lull is subsiding and hot books are starting to trickle out.

New Stuff to Hit Our Shelves on the Week ending 7/ 28/07
New Mags and Zines:
Rolling Thunder #4 $6.00
ForteanTimes Special 07 $11.25 60yrs of UFO’s issue!
Razorcake #39 $4.00
Wire #281 Jul 07 $10.99
Radical Philosophy #144 $11.00
Maximumrocknroll #291 $4.00
Adbusters #73 $8.95
Ready Made #30 $4.99
Paranoia #45 $6.00
Black Velvet #53 $6.00
Flash Art #225 $8.00
Wire #281 $10.99 Throbbing Gristle back from the dead.

New New Comics and Minis and Graphic Novels:
Winsor McCays Little Nemo In Slumberland vol 1 $49.95
Pulphope Art of Paul Pope $29.95
Love and Rockets vol 2 #20 $7.99
Angry Youth Comix vol 2 #13 $3.50
Alan Moore Wild Worlds TPB $24.99
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5 $2.99
Comics Introspective vol 1 Peter Bagge $16.95
Girls Guide to Guys Stuff $14.95
Gon TPB vol 1 $5.99
Speak of the Devil #1 $3.50 Gilbert Hernandez
Tank GIrl #2 The Gifting $3.99
Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter vol 1 $16.99

Brand New Books:
Reading Comics by Douglas Wolk $22.95
Everything You Know About God Is Wrong by Russ Kick $24.95
Wearing History $18.95 Gay Rights as seen through t-shirts
Limited Edition $24.95 Art and Design of GAMA-GO
Rat Salad The Classic Years 1969-1975 HC $24.95
Vacation from Reality $34.95 art of Anthony Ausgang
Cutting Up Touches $25.00 History of Pick Pockets

Erotica and Porn and Sex Culture and Dirty Comics

CDS DVDs Gifts and Accessories for hip lifestyles
Geek Temporary Tattoos $7.50
Tattoo Bandages $4.50
Mini Marauding Pirates $3.00
Pirates Tablet With Stickers $4.50
Enchanted Unicorn Bandages $4.50
Zombies Playset $14.50

Notable Restocks: Old but New Again:
Wild Style the Sampler $35.00
Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin $20.00 Basicaly RollerDerby2.0
Pedal $29.95 Book and DVD for the fixed gear trendsetters
Back in the Days $35.00
Suicide Girls #1 $15.00 Indy wank material
Dont Go Where I Cant Follow by Anders Nilsen $17.95
Disposable History of Skateboard Art $29.95
Group Work $20.00 by Temporary Services
Galactic Zoo Dossier #7 $16.98