New Stuff This Week

You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation by Fletcher Hanks and Paul Karasik (Fantagraphics) $24.99

No (Heartworm #33) by Boyd Rice (Heartworm) $14.9

Who Killed Amanda Palmer by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer (JSR) $16.99 – Photos of Ms. Palmer (from the band the Dresdon Dolls) in various dead body scenarios, based on her lyrics. With accompanying short stories by Neil Gaiman!

Prurient Rose Pillar (Heartworm) $110.00 – Text and photo accompaniment. Comes with record.

Packing Inferno: The Unmaking of a Marine by Tyler E Boudreau (Feral House) $16.95 – See the author at Quimby’s August 12th!

From Wonderland With Love: Danish Comics in the Third Millennium by Steffin P Maarup (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Paul Thek Artists Artist by Harold Falckenberg and Peter Weibel (MIT Press) $54.95

Milk Milk Lemonaid #13 $.50

Black Velvet #61 $6.25

The Virgin Project ed. by KD Boze and Stasia Kato $25.00 – Exactly what you want it to be: comics about the very topic.

Of Walking In Ice Munich Paris 23 November to 14 December 1974 by Werner Herzog (Free Association) $25.00 – Reprint of the classic novella by Herzog about his winter hike in hopes to heal his dear friend.

Tiny Meat Enid Wallet $4.00 – The time has come. Fan fiction wallets.

There’s Something Wrong With Sven by Greg Gerke $10.00 – Don’t miss him here August 13th!

Bomb It DVD $26.95 –  Fascinating  film by Jon Reiss, a look at global graffiti culture.

Spacedog by Hendrik Dorgathen (Gingko) $12.95 – Graphic novel or artist illustrated no word art book? You be the judge.

L’Invasion de Paris (Gingko)  $35.00 – featuring the work of Space Invader

Lenore vol 2 #1 by Roman Dirge (SLG) $3.99

Medicine Cabinet Of Curiosities: An Unconventional Compendium of Health Facts And Oddities by Nicholas Bakalar (Times) $15.00

Ray Bradburys Farenheit 451: Authorized Adaptation by Tim Hamilton (Hill&Wang) $16.95 – In graphic novel form!

Chicago Neon Signs by Dan Zamudio (Wicker Park Press) $24.95/ Water Tanks Of Chicago A Vanishing Legacy: Photographs and Paintings by Larry W Green (Wicker Park Press) $19.95 -Wanna give your friends a feel for Chicago? Support local presses and buy these poignant photo books.

Kilter #4 Sum 09 $5.00

Boneshaker #42-100: Bicycling Almanac $5.00

Spread Vol 5 #1 Sum 09 $5.95

Fake Your Own Death #2 $10.00 – Comes with CD.

Surrogates Flesh and Bone by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele (Top Shelf) $14.95

The Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie (Top Shelf) $45.00 – Couldn’t afford it in the fancy purple box? Get it in this fancy hardcover.

Late Fauna of Early North America by Scott Musgrove (Billy Shire Fine Arts) $34.95 – Deluxe reprint of an old classic. For fans of dark but cute blobby creatures.

Papercutter #10 (Tugboat)  $4.00 – Featuring works from Damien Jay, Jesse Reklaw and Minty Lewis.

Heeb #92 $5.99

Juxtapoz Aug 09 $5.99