Quimby’s Backs Chromazoid Comics Anthology & Mix Tape Kickstarter Project. So should you.

We backed the Chromazoid Comics Anthology & Mix Tape Kickstarter project by Lale Westvind in Harlem, NY. It’s a book with color comics by nine FRESH Comics by Nine FRESH Artists, handpicked, like flowers, IN VIBRANT COLOR! Each comic is totally unique in its aesthetic and medium. The artists are Ben Bertin, Robert Calzone, William Cleveland, Lisa Cline, Lyra Hill, Nick Jackson, Ian McDuffie, Jeremy Tinder and Lale Westvind.

Editor Lale Westvind says, “The Mix Tape that comes with the book is an eclectic mix of genres and styles, with songs and sounds influenced and inspired directly by the comics in the book. I made this book to showcase friends and peers of mine that I thought were making incredible work and wild music, stuff that would look and sound even better if PRINTED IN COLOR and ON TAPE and COMBINED! donations fund the expensive color printing of these books and tapes, then we get to carry the chromazoids all over the u.s. to get our work seen, read and heard.”

For more info:
Chromazoid on Kickstarter
Chromazoid Blog (to see comics pages from the book and links to the individual artists’ websites)